Social media receives frequent praise from marketers, PR professionals, business consultants and more as a wonderful communication tool. It can connect you to your customers or new clients, as well as peers and contemporaries.

But it’s not always just about marketing and PR.

A new book and accompanying documentary, Oral Sex Is The New Goodnight Kiss, offers a disturbing look at life for a group of teenage Canadian girls. Aged between 13-15 years old and from affluent neighbourhoods, these girls use the likes of Youtube, Nextopia and Craigslist to advertise underage sex services to older guys.

The reasoning behind it? So the girls can go shopping on sites like Wishlist, Felicite and Amazon. Some of the girls will have sex with up to 7 different men each night. The going rate for taking a girl’s virginity is $1,000.

There’s no doubting that social media is an extraordinarily effective communication tool.

The question is, are we making it too effective, too easily?

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