Sounding Off

Sorry for the interruption to normal service, but I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. Hope you don’t mind, and normal service will be resumed tomorrow with a great guest post from Christina Kingston. So…

  • To the douchebags on the train that insist on using the external speakers of their iPods, at least put some decent music on. If I must be subjected to your unplugged iPod, can it be something other than the crap you play?
  • To the Internet famous who continuously say, “It’s not about me, it’s about you”, start meaning it. Frequently pimping your book, upcoming book, friend’s book, sharing links that just include you and boasting of your numbers (even though it’s “not about the numbers”, right?) just makes you look the exact opposite of what you’re saying. Enough already, please.
  • To the consultants that say you can’t measure the ROI of social media properly, quit BS’ing your clients and tell them the truth. Of course you can – if it can be deployed, it can be measured for ROI. And yes, that includes financially.
  • To the Twitter specialists who say what you should and shouldn’t tweet about – it’s 140 characters, for crying out loud. There are no rules for Twitter – get over it!

Okay, that’s better. Thanks for letting me unload a little, I appreciate it. How about you – anything you want to sound off about? Comments are yours.

Angry kitty
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar

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  1. @RaynaNyc says

    Go Danny! And how about those ‘Robo Tweets’? Individuals (not publications) that unleash 6-10 tweets in a row (probably scheduled to shoot out), and do not contribute to any conversation, share ideas or offer up anything new. I often wonder ‘Why are you here if not to engage?’ How naive do I sound? Ranting is good — thanks for facilitating.

      • Jack McCullough says

        You hit the nail on the head right there; that and I think that anyone that claims you can’t measure the ROI simply does not know how to do so.

        That should be a red flag for a client.

  2. says

    Very well said. It’s good to rant sometimes!
    I’ve wanted to say the same things for the longest time so thank you Danny for being our mouthpiece and the heavy! Very surprising and quite refreshing I must say.

    .-= paisano´s most recent blog post …Stolen =-.

  3. says

    First off, thanks to the douchebag on the train who apparently helped tip the cow on this. Great to see this post. 😉

    Second, am I missing something? Are folks still having the “can you measure this” discussion? Seriously, WTF?

    • says

      Jeff, I will gladly swap places with you for a week, my man. Seriously, the offer’s good for a year 😉

      I was actually going to link to a serious of posts I’d just come across about ROI and how it’s not measurable. And here was me thinking we’d reached the tipping point on that one. Hey ho…

  4. pee sea says

    I am glad to see the ipod / mobile phone on speaker is not just a UK thing. I have a friend who bought several pairs of cheap headphones and when she finds people without headphone she gives them a set, based upon the premise of you must be too poor to afford your own, it kind of works and it shuts people up!

  5. says

    You hit it on the head with number 2. I can’t stand that stuff.

    Trying to sell a book on every other post, only pushes me further away from even considering it.

    I enjoy your posts daily – thank you

    .-= Hockeydino´s most recent blog post …Truth: Technology Sucks =-.

  6. says

    Woo Flippin Hoo! Now these are the kind of posts I would like to read more of. I love it when someone can see through some of the bullshit that floats around. It’s enough to drive a person crazy & then magically make them disapear from your list.:)

  7. says

    On most days, I can easily find things to rant about, but for some reason, no matter what’s happening to me this week that is rant-worthy, I can’t seem to muster up the anger. Maybe it’s the hope of a New Year. Yeah, I think that’s it. I feel hope.

    I do have one follower who only pimps out #followfriday and #writerwednesday. He pimps me every week, both days, but I have no idea who he is… what his voice is… what his passions or desires are… or how he found me. He’s never talked to me or returned my mentions of him. He simply promotes me and others. Should I rant about this? I do not know. I just find it odd.
    .-= Jeanne Veillette Bowerman´s most recent blog post …I will not read your f*cking script or manuscript… until June =-.

  8. says

    the interesting thing is that you have the power to change all of the things you list.

    we cant change other people we can only change ourselves.

    when we change our perspective on the world around us, the world is changed forever.

    it’s not easy of course, few things in life that are worthwhile are easy. i don’t profess to be perfect at this myself however each day i try and be better than the day before :-)

    on a lighter note, point 1. i recall a website a cpl of years ago where there was a d/l of biz cards templates, which basically you handed to the person on the train, tube, bus who was having the annoyingly loud conversation or perhaps playing crap music. telling them what you thought…..

    i wish i could recall the name of it, lost forever…..
    .-= mike ashworth´s most recent blog post …Snow bitch gets nailed =-.

    • says

      Very true, Mike, which is why I’ve started cleansing blog subscriptions, Twitter feeds, etc – sometimes there are only so many “chances” to give. 😉

      You do realize you’ve made it a mission to find out more about these cards now, don’t you?

  9. says

    Danny, Sound off as much as you want, wish I had the nerve to break out the soapbox more often.

    The book pimping, name dropping, number prettying really bugs, as do the constant, instant RTs back and forth without actually reading anything. (Get a small tickle when they RT bad links, like HA caught ya!)

    And to #1, wish I had the nerve to do that in real life, like to the jerkwad at the airport watching a movie on his iPhone at full volume. Rude much?
    .-= Davina K. Brewer´s most recent blog post …Like a Bad Neighbor: When Direct Marketing Fails =-.

  10. says

    re #2 while I’m not “famous”, I do represent “famous people”-authors, speakers and, I plead “guilty” to having tweeting book links – pimping would be a stretch : ).

    -beyond the obvious annoyance, I haven’t found it to be a terrifically effective pub tool (have tweeted web links, twitpics, etc) – and, worse it can make an immediate association w/the “carnival hacker types.

    would appreciate feedback re suggestions incl “best practices” – or options or just plain “never do it”?
    .-= Jay´s most recent blog post …Service With a Smile!~ =-.

    • says

      Hi Jay,

      I think that’s different though – you’re a dedicated publisher whose job it is to promote books for your “clients”. The shameless pimping on every other blog post or opportunity? Oof!

      How about trying a #bookchat or #authorchat kind of thing on Twitter? Similar to #journchat and #blogchat, but you can have the authors come on and talk about their work, and for that chat anyone buying the books gets a discount?

      Or have in your bio “Book publisher – I will be promoting books in my tweets” kind of thing, so people know what they “sign up for” when following?

      Just a couple of ideas :)

      • Jay says

        thnx Danny!

        good stuff – great ideas
        – espec the need to really focus on creating better/more unique hashtags

        -and hadn’t thought of putting an “announcement” in my bio…



  11. says

    Nice rant, Danny. What do all of these have in common? Being selfish. Think about somebody else.

    Always good to have a minute to blow off some steam. Keep up the good work.

  12. Coreen says

    Bravo Danny! I especially love 2 & 4. I’ve noticed the same thing. I have to say I’ve never experienced the iPod thing. Love the idea of handing out cheap headphones–genius! Now what do we do with people whose volume is up so high, they might as well not use the headphones they have on?