Social Media and Travel – A Social Media Success Story by Jeanne Dee

What could be better than traveling the world on an open ended tour?

At Soultravelers3, we have been amazed to find absolutely stunning opportunities, beautiful connections and world wide collaborations through social media.

When we began our open ended, family world tour in 2006 we had no idea that it would play such a big part of our journey  and our lives.

We travel the web 2.0 while we travel the world and it expands our benefits as well as the benefits of our audience that travels with us virtually.

We are the opposite of geeks, don’t own an iphone or ipod, yet our world traveling digital lifestyle as a family led us to be early adopters in some ways, primarily in social media. We knew nothing about blogs when we began, but wanted to share with family and friends, plus create a memoir for our child, so we are shocked that out of the estimated 200 million  travel-related websites on the net, that we are in the top 20 today. We were stunned when our first Youtube travel video went viral with over a million views.

We live richly and travel the world on just 23 dollars a day per person and find ourselves to be accidental trail blazers for a new way of being. Social media has also played a huge part in our daughter’s education as  a 21st century global citizen which is the primary goal in our journey 
(as well as wanting to spend more time together).

The very best part has been the people that we have met that have enriched our journey beyond measure in so many unique ways.

Before leaving, I researched information about what digital piano to buy on a piano forum and by chance the most helpful person was a man from Spain who lived an hour away from where we would winter. That family became one of our best friends in Spain and our guardian angels.

Our daughter takes piano and violin lessons via Skype webcams with teachers on a different continent, both found through social media. We find great travel secrets by asking on social media and we share the great secrets that we discover.

The positive stories are truly endless and I wrote about some a while back in a popular post called “Twitter and Travel 2.0″. We’ve had a lot of fun meeting up with some of the people we’ve met online, like Wendy Perrin from Conde Nast Traveler who invited us to do Hallowe’en with her family when we were in New York City meeting the thousands of disadvantaged school kids who followed us virtually through a non-profit. Her kids were fans of ours because of our Youtube videos and they all had a blast together.

When I had a bike wreck on the Danube and landed in the hospital in Austria, a quick tweet on Twitter allowed my mom and sister to find us and call us. When I tweeted about my daughter taking an online  class with John Hopkins University’s CTY program, a teacher sent her the books she needed from London,  gratis because he was a fan.

Perhaps the biggest way social media changed our lives is when we got a Twitter Direct Message out of the blue which resulted in a featured story in the New York Times from one of our favorite writers. That led to many literary agents finding us and now we are writing a book. Social media makes it a small world today!

About the author: Jeanne Dee is an internationally recognized travel guru and creative lifestyle design consultant, via her award winning website Soultravelers3 that National Geographic Traveler called “One of the best Family Travel Blogs in cyber space”. Find us in Social Media via our Google Profile.

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  1. Stephanie M says

    While I am in no sense as experienced a traveler as you, I have had my own travel success story using social media. I was with a group of students this January traveling around Europe for a few weeks after a transatlantic conference. One of the stops we were making was going to be in the small Belgian city of Bruges. I sent a quick tweet announcing that we were on our way to the quaint city. In reply, a coffee shop in the city tweeted back to me inviting me to their shop to get out of the cold and enjoy their treats. So, I made sure to visit the little coffee shop. It was probably the best decision I made on the entire trip. I spent the entire afternoon there, chatting with the owner, a few of the regulars and some graduate students at the College of Europe. It was awesome, and an experience I never would have had without social media.

    • says

      Arafat- Thanks for your kind words!

      That is so true. We CAN really do so much traveling virtually these days!

      We really loved taking disadvantaged kids with us virtually as some of them will never get to travel, but got to see much of the world through our eyes and they especially enjoyed our daughters perspective.

      Virtual vicarious travel is a wonderful gift today thanks to social media and the internet!
      .-= soultravelers3´s most recent blog post …Family Travel Photo – Spain =-.

  2. says

    I love the idea of taking lessons through skype while on your family travels. Its brilliant! We use a netbook when we travel to keep in touch with family back home and look for hotels with free wifi. Also doubles as kids entertainment.

  3. says

    Great Article!!!! ……. World tour is a dream for most of the people on the planet. But many of them do not get chance :( ……

    I guess we should share each others trip or tour story and should show different places to different people online.

    Great Thinking …… I am a fan of yours:)


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