21 Non-Business Blogs You Could Read Today

Through new eyes

While you might come here to read about social media; or marketing; or strategy; or statistics;ย  it’s always nice to step back and read blogs from outside the business and social media circle.

So, over on my Facebook page last night, I asked for recommendations of blogs that weren’t business, to see what inspired others when they read. And boy, did the recommendations fly in! So, without further ado, here are 21 non-business blogs you could add to your reader today, with added reasons from the folks that recommended them.

  • The Mad to Live. Recommended by Mark Harai, for its “fun, smart and inspiring” posts.
  • Enjoying the Small Things. Recommended by Amy Fandrei, who said, “One of the more down-to-earth but inspiring bloggers out there.”
  • The Sales Lion. Recommended by Mark Harai, for being “inspiring and entertaining.”
  • Murrmurrs. Recommended by Samantha Collier, because it is “absolutely, positively the funniest blog I have ever read.”
  • The Skool of Life. Recommended by Mark Harai (the guy’s on a roll!), it’s full of posts that “throw down inspiring words.”
  • C Jane, Enjoy It. Another recommendation from Sue Anne Reed, for the simple fact of “enjoyability”.
  • Smitten Kitchen. Recommended by Patricia Grow because “the recipes are always great, her photography matches and she shares the cutest pictures of her baby.”
  • Life, For Instance. Recommended by Bryan Cromlish, this blog is full of “pretty inspirational posts.”
  • Post Secret. Recommended by Geoff Livingston, for “making my jaw drop every week.”
  • NYC Bloggers. Recommended by Elaine-Cosme Petersen for news on “entertainment, life, situations, shock treatment… whatever you’re in the mood for.”
  • Redhead Writing. Another recommendation by Ingrid Abboud, this blog is “funny as hell” (and also full of awesome cuss words)!
  • Xbox 360 Fanboy. Recommended by Brandon Forder, because he’s “a video game nerd and proud of it.”
  • Blog-Blond. Recommended by Chris Benedict Valencia, for its ability to “be funny and relieve stressful days.”
  • The Bold Soul. Recommended by Janis La Couvee for, amongst many reasons, having a “zest for life and inspiring me.”
  • Delco Forever. Also recommended by Eileen Marable, for offering “great thoughts by smart people.”
  • The Bloggess. Recommended by Jennifer Linnell Fong, because it “makes me snort out loud with laughter regularly” (and is another blog that uses cussing perfectly).

So there you have it. If you’re needing new blogs to read, or just want to mix up your business needs with some cool, funny and inspirational reading, there are some great starting points for you here.

My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to reply (and some couldn’t make it here, since there were no URL’s to grab) – it’s readers like you that help bloggers like the ones you recommended get a new audience. And that’s always a good thing.

How about you – what non-business blogs would you recommend, and why?

Leave your recommendations in the comments (with links), and let’s see some new names we may not have known about.

Note – because of the anti-spam filter that I use, comments with several links may not appear immediately. Don’t worry – I’ll approve them as soon as I can, so no need to post a duplicate, just in case you thought yours hadn’t gone through!

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  1. Tony says

    Solid list, Danny.
    I also know some of these blogs.

    do you have any sites that are up and coming in that you’d recommend??


    • says

      Hey there Tony,

      Cheers, mate, glad you enjoyed. Four I enjoy reading are:

      Lectrify by Laura Williams: http://lectrify.wordpress.com/ – great mix of personal and lifestyle views.

      CTKingston by Christina Kingston: http://ctkingston.com/ – while there’s some social media stuff, it’s done with a great wit and wry humour.

      Just Kickin’ It by Jac Star: http://justkickinit.ca/ – little biased here, as it’s my wife’s blog, but nice escape valve from serious stuff with funny videos and occasional rants.

      Suze Muse by Susan Murphy: http://suzemuse.ca/ – Sue moved away from social media to a more personal blog, and it’s been onward and upward ever since.

      Hop these are useful, and cheers again,


      • Tony says

        Great, Danny.

        Thanks so much!
        If you could shoot me an email sometime, I’d like to ask a few questions about social media marketing.


    • says

      Hey there Srinivas,

      I’d been reading some of your stuff before the recommendation, and that reinforced my need to read you more. Loving what I’ve found.

      Cheers, sir!

  2. says

    What a thrill to pop over here and find an unsolicited plug for Murrmurrs, for which no money has been laundered and nothing personal has been rubbed. Thanks. To anyone traipsing by, no, I do not always write about whale poop. Now I need to find out who Samantha Collier is and offer to have her baby.

  3. says

    Me Me! I’m Samantha Collier and I love the Murrmurrs blog, and no nobody paid me to say that. You have made me laugh out loud at my desk. And I work in a quiet office so I bet a few think I’m a little nuts. Your blog ROCKS!!!

    • says

      Hey there Pablo,

      The great thing about reading outside your niche is that is just opens up so many different ways to look at things in a new light. And that can only benefit us and help us grow as we continue on.

      Cheers, mate!

  4. says

    I have to go with Steven Pressfield. He is the one non business blog that I read every week. He writes about the art of creation, the publishing world, and many other topics. Most importantly he is entertaining! He is probably best known for writing “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. He actually has two cult followings around other books. The first is “The war of Art” and the second is “Gates of Fire”. Totally different demographics and readers. Check him out. I think you will be impressed.


  5. says

    Always impressed when Bloggers have the guts to give a list like this. One that has potential to decrease page views because current readers find a new bright shiny object. My guess is this really is a way for you to siphon readers from your competitors since normally you are first stop. Next Chris Brogan…oops sorry Murmurs. Then Seth Godin…ooops NYC Bloggers. Sadly I don’t read those two blogs so your plot isn’t working! Plus I prefer spending my time reading old Garfield and Ziggy cartoons after coming here.

  6. says

    Danny, I’ve recommended Redhead Writing, follow the Bloggess and recently discovered the Sales Lion. I am on the lookout for non-business blogs to get out of the PR, SM, marketing rut so these suggestions are great. For silly kicks and laughs, I check out stuff like Oatmeal, Hyperbole and a half, People of Walmart. Not exactly blogs, but good for a breather. FWIW.

  7. says

    Thanks for the tip off to some new readers for me to visit and read. Was excited to see some of my favorites already on here (RedheadWriting, SkoolOfLife and MiddlefingerProject).

    How can I find Ingrid (seems as though her and I have similar tastes)

    • says

      For sure, Lori – it’s what I love most about the whole blogging community, we have so much that we can find, and we’re usually a pretty good bunch at recommending these finds too. :)

    • says

      No worries, mate, and great recommendation from Eileen – that’s what building a great community is all about, nice to see you being recognized. :)

  8. says

    Hi Danny
    Bad news – I didn’t make the list.
    Good news – my bandwidth is safe. LOL

    Some great blog titles, you know that I have a soft spot for titles.
    Particularly liked “โ€ขRedhead Writing”

    Oh well let’s make a start on the list…..

  9. says

    Sweet comments before mine.

    I wanted to add, Danny and to the people who inspired you to include those blog links, that I already subscribe to Marcus’ The Sales Lion and Ashley’s Middle Finger Project and Erika’s Redhead Writing. I visit the Bloggess once in a while and never heard of the others (but just clicked over to see what they’re about).

    I’ll add three selections I visit and share frequently:

    1. Jonathan Wells writes about productivity and life coaching at http://advancedlifeskills.com/blog/

    2. Shelly Blake-Plock writes about his strides as a high school teacher trying to implement paperless learning at http://teachpaperless.blogspot.com/

    3. Lauri Stevens focuses on law enforcement and how they use the web at http://connectedcops.net/

  10. says

    Hey Danny!
    Thanks so much for taking the lovely recommendation from Mark about my blog! :) one of your readers told me she found out about my corner of the blogosphere through this list, so thanks for spreading the love!

    Not to mention I can’t wait to check out all the other blogs you have listed here! This is a great list! I have to say that since I’ve gotten into blogging one of my favorite things is bloggers supporting one another and giving each other even further motivation to keep on keeping on in as many great ways as possible.

    Thanks Danny!
    LAUREN :)

    • says

      Hey there Lauren,

      More than welcome, miss – besides, when Mark recommends something, I know it’s usually going to be a good thing.

      Now, if you could only offer an email subscription option, I’d be adding you to my reading list. So – how about it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. says

    Danny, great post. Marketers often get so stuck in our own little bubble that we don’t get out and take in the thoughts and ideas of others. I’ve found a few great blogs that have totally changed my perspective on things and even resulted in changing some of my “un-needed” habits. One of the blogs that I’d highly recommend to anyone is that of ArtofManliness.com. It’s quite well known but is one of the better blogs I’ve seen online.

    A few of the ones you listed I’ve heard of and a few I actually follow quite closely. However, one that stood out the most is the Mad to Live blog. I’ve quickly glanced over a few of the posts and the content is quite inspiring. After that, I gotta say, the Xbox blog gets my blood boiling – PS3 for life!

    Good post Danny – Always good to find something fresh.

    • says

      Mate, you gotta stop changing your name, sir – I can’t keep track! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Cheers, Ross, and agree completely fella – it is way too easy to get sucked into bubbles. Always great to step outside and see what other blogs are doing.

      Will check ArtofManliness.com out for sure – even the name makes me intrigued. :)

      Cheers as always, fella.

    • says

      Cheers, Bradley, glad it’s useful mate. And now I’m heading over to your blog because that’s an enticing last post title right there. :)