One of the most useful features on Twitter is being withdrawn as of today – the hashtag.

For anyone not on Twitter, a hashtag is the universal # symbol, and helps to separate individual conversations from the overall Twitter stream. For example, if I want to just talk with people about silly jokes, I would use the hashtag #sillyjokes. This would help others just follow that conversation by opening up a browsing window just for that hashtag.

There are some hugely popular hashtags, like #blogchat – a chat about blogging, oddly enough – and #socialmedia – a topic about social media (who said us social media types weren’t smart?). But, as of today, no more.

Twitter issued a statement saying that they were stopping the use of hashtags because of its connotation with drug use. Hash is slang for hashis, also known as cannabis, a drug known for making you feel sleepy. Not something that’s much use when you’re on the fast-paced world of Twitter.

“While we recognize cannabis may be legal in some countries, it’s obviously a concern for us to be associated with drug use. Even if Twitter co-founder Ev might look stoned to some folks, we can assure you he isn’t – he’s just a laid-back happy chappy!”

The announcement probably doesn’t come as a surprise – Twitter is looking to monetize its service, and being too stoned to click on promoted ads isn’t beneficial to anyone.

So, farewell hashtag – we knew you when, and you were fun. Guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Bong Button that was due to replace the Tweet button…

More details of the Twitter ban on hashtag use can be found here.

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    • says

      Hehe, cheers mate, much appreciated. I would have given Ev some classic red eyes and white face, but my Photoshop skills are pants.

      By the way, gutsy post on alcoholism, mate – much respect.

    • says

      Hey there David,

      Cheers, mate – now wouldn’t it be scary if they did do that, though, much like the way they messed with the @Reply option and the RT edits?

      Grrrr… :)

    • says

      You’re a sport, sir. :)

      Read your post earlier, have it bookmarked to dive back into. Are you worried any of the theme guys will come after you?

      • says

        Nah…not at all. This info is already there…I just made it little bit easier to put it all together.

        They should give their themes away for free anyways…for testing purposes only…I think their model is stupid and I actually ended up buying the theme I was able to find and test for free.

        • says

          That’s a good point, mate. Or at the very least, have a demo area where you can log in as admin and mess around.

          I think Page Lines do this with their theme – gives you a better idea if you’ll like it or not. And yes, there might be a money-back guarantee, but that can be a pain in the ass and you don’t get your interest back from your credit card company…

  1. says

    Sorry, I’m not buying what you’re selling, Mr. Brown! Very funny…almost believable until you got to the drug reference part. Hashish!

    I do love April Fool’s Day! Thanks for making it fun!

  2. says

    For 2-3 seconds you had me wondering if Twitter was going the way of another service I used to advocate heavily – huge changes to features that were critical for use of the service. Of course that is not the case, thankfully :) Nice try… good laugh.

      • says

        Well….ok, I was incredulous for the time it took me to read the title, THEN I clocked that it MUST be be an April Fool… yes, I guess you must have had me for a micro-noodle split nano-second! 😉

        Enjoying the great content here, by the way!

  3. says

    Danny, aloha. Catchy Headline = More Traffic = More People Smiling Today Because of You! Mahalo for the smiles, Danny.

    Best wishes for a great weekend-no foolin’ Aloha. Janet

    • says

      Hehe, you know, I was wondering if it would still work (or work better) on email subscribers, for the very reason you mention.

      Cheers, Julie, have a great weekend! :)

  4. says

    Receiving my email subscription on Saturday morning, I had to think about this for nearly ten seconds before weeding (geddit?) out the joke. Very good, Danny.

  5. says

    Does that mean this story is true if I read it on April 2nd instead of April Fools Day? hihi

    PS – you looked really perrrty yesterday with your new hairdo – new shampoo? new hairdresser? Either way – hair, hair! lol 😉

  6. says

    I was going to write a comment asking things like “how will they have us thread the convos, and what were they thinking” until I went to the comments and realised I’d been had.

    Nicely done. now go sign up for gmail Motion!

  7. says

    Kudos! hehehe nice one Danny… for a minute or two i simply thought… what is it going to be now… Twitter whithout #hastags… they must be coming up with something even bigger….

    Perfect tittle, i bet it has caught many eye’s attention!

  8. says

    OK I’ve got to admit that I am probably the most gullible of everyone commenting. It took me until today to realize that this was April Fool’s. Along with trading avatar’s with Gini. At least I was able to express my outrage against something made up as opposed to my usual outrage against reality.

    Got to tell you though, we in the US have gotten to the point that this could have very well been true.

  9. Deb Bruser ( JoyFull_deb) says

    Well, Chief, I fell for it ….I was already frowning and thinking #ohnowhatwilljonastondo #heisthehashtagking.

    You had me at the Headline….:=)

  10. Everett Martin says

    I would love if this was true. Then Twitter would actually show us what terms were really popular, instead of what people remembered to hastag.

  11. says

    Great, nice to know that one of the biggest on-line entities is that stupid.. Next thing you know they’re be coming into your home and ripping the hash key off your keyboard due to fears of incitement to use cannabis…