Review: Use Interviews to Increase Your Blog Traffic by Tim Jahn

Tim Jahn Increase Your Blog Traffic with Interviews ebookAs a rule, I generally don’t have book reviews here. I figure there are enough other bloggers that do a far better job than I could, so I pretty much leave the reviews to them.

Now and again, though, I’ll take a look at one that I feel is different enough and offers some solid advice for you, whether that be from a business angle; a social media angle; or – in this case – a blogging angle.

Of course, it helps when the author is someone I respect, and the topic is something that he can speak about with authority because he’s been there, done that. Which is exactly what Tim Jahn offers with his new ebook, Use Interviews To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

Walking the Talk

Taking the success Tim’s found with his video interview series Beyond The Pedway, which he started back in 2009 and has seen more than 150 interviews since, Use Interviews To Increase Your Blog Traffic does exactly what it says on the book’s cover.

Prior to beginning Beyond The Pedway, Tim wrote a text-based blog (which still rates as one of my favourites today). Then he launched BTP and, within a few short months, saw his traffic increase by more than 650%. The reason? Simple – video interview = people-to-people = natural promotion.

As Tim shows in the ebook, people like to both be spoken about, and share where and when they’re spoken about. So video interviews are a win-win all round – but only when done properly.

Comfort Zones

Anyone can set up a video interview series. Video conferencing, Skype and other platforms make face-to-face time quick and painless. But as Tim shares in his ebook, there’s much more to successful interviewing than being able to split screens.

Tim offers solid advice on interviewing techniques; setting the scene; the right kind of research; and having the ability to make your interviewee feel as if they’re just having a chat with an old friend. Which, obviously, makes for a far better interview.

Having been interviewed by Tim myself a couple of months back, I can attest to his approach – he definitely knows his stuff, and makes sure that each interview not only gets your story across, but has the flexibility to wander into other areas that might be of interest to the viewer.

Knowing your subject; offering them the airtime they need; and researching their story to share the relevant parts to your audience; all these points and more are covered in Tim’s ebook, and make it a valuable resource for anyone either thinking about, or currently struggling with, an interview site or blog.

Tim also includes two bonus cheat sheets – one that includes 20 sample questions to get your interviewer groove on, and another that shares sample pitch emails to give you the best chance of snagging your chosen interviewee.

It’s a People Thing

As both Tim and David Siteman Garland show, video interviews are awesome ways to have a more interactive blog and share the stories of people that can help you get to where you want to be in your niche.

As Tim shows in his ebook, it’s also a great way to grow your own blog’s traffic into the bargain. Which is never a bad thing.

With actionable tips, great examples of what works and what doesn’t, as well as cheat sheets to help you stand out, Use Interviews To Increase Your Blog Traffic is a solid resource that anyone looking to run an interview blog should check out.

You can find more information on the ebook, and how to buy it – it’s a premium ebook, priced $19 – here (non-affiliate link).

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  1. says

    The bulk of what we’ve been doing on Gearbox Magazine for the last year and a half has been interview-based. I love the format, though I’m hesitant to go to audio or video.

    I’ve always felt it’s wrong to subject your audience to anything you wouldn’t want for yourself. This is why we have no advertising – at all – ever. Personally, podcasts and video are frustrating, because they force my intake to a predetermined rate. What I might be able to read in 5 minutes takes 15 to watch, I get frustrated, I tune out.

    At the same time, how do we balance the needs of our audience with our personal needs? Is it right to offer a “product” you, yourself, would not “buy?”

    This introduces static to my right brain. Do not want. 😛

  2. Katie Lockhart says

    This is very interesting to me. I have recently taken an online media class where I was required to write a blog. With the blog we had to make post and post videos and other assignments from the class on our blog. The video assignment happen to be a two-minute interview. After this video was posted my blog traffic doubled. I would like to read this book to see the truth to video interviews increasing blog traffic.

  3. says

    Hi danny

    I really enjoy reading interviews on a blog. Means I get to know the person being interviewed a whole lot better…provided the interviewer asks the right questions 😉

    Have been interviewed myself on a friend’s blog and meant his readers got to know me too. Sounds like a book worth reading. Thanks for sharing with us Danny. Appreciated

    Patricia Perth Australia