Smart businesses know that understanding your audience is key to your overall success. It doesn’t matter if you’re business-to-consumer or business-to-business focused – your audience, and their interaction with you, is what defines how well you meet your goals.

Which is why this new report from Exact Target is key reading for any business, small or large.

Mobile communications and smartphone interaction with digital

Taking a look at the way different mobile phone users interact with different digital channels like Facebook, Twitter and email, etc, the report shows a definite split between smartphone users and non-smartphone users.

And for any business wondering where to allocate their marketing spend when it comes to social media, it’s a split they need to take into account.

Mobile Excess Needs Mobile Access

According to the survey, smartphone users are far more active digitally than non-smartphone users across the major platforms. For example:

  • 45% of smartphone users check email constantly throughout the day, compared to 28% of non-smartphone users.
  • 23% of smartphone users check Facebook constantly throughout the day, compared to 12% of non-smartphone users.
  • 32% of smartphone users check Facebook at least once per day, compared to 28% of non-smartphone users.
  • 5% of smartphone users check Twitter daily, compared to only 2% of non-smartphone users.

In pretty much every example, it’s almost double the amount of interaction by smartphone users than that of non-smartphone users. Which is understandable, given the superior browser functions of the latest smartphones.

It’s also a great pointer as to how you approach your online marketing strategies.

Are You Thinking Smart?

Do you know the breakdown of your current customer base and how they use their mobile phones? Do you know if they’re smartphone enabled or not? If not, now’s the time to find out.

Use your database – you do have one, right? – to contact your customers and advise them you’re updating your records to make their shopping experience with you the best it can be (because you will be). To do so, you just need to know if they use a smartphone or a standard cell phone.

If you don’t have a database, then use your analytics information (you are using analytics, right?). See how many visitors to your main site or other online outposts are via mobile browser, and then see which platform they’re running on.

If the majority of people that are invested in you – existing Β or potential – are smartphone enabled, then you need to start making some decisions.

  • Do you make your site more interactive for smartphone audiences or easier to browse for non-smartphone users?
  • Do you build a mobile app that can be used to build your knowledge of your customer base (and be used as a further lead generation tool)?
  • Do you become less active on Twitter and concentrate more on Facebook for potential customers?
  • Do you build a mobile-enhanced micro-site that allows you to make quick offers and use push SMS marketing to promote?
  • Do you refocus on email marketing, knowing that your (potential) audience checks that more often than social networks?

These are just some of the basic questions you need to start asking. There are more, but these depend on industry, demographics, manpower and investment ability. amongst others.

The key point is, most businesses are looking at social media as the next big thing for their marketing pushes. But that should only be part of a much bigger overview – and the real gold could be just sitting there, waiting on you to hear its ringtone…

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18 Comments on "Mobile is the New Digital Native"

4 years 2 days ago

It always amazes me how much things change. I remember when cell phones first came out.

Jamie Fairbairn
4 years 6 days ago

Hi Danny, I was writing about mobile websites this morning on my post about Bing’s new Business Portal.

It’s in BETA phase at the moment but every user who lists their business online for free will also get a free mobile-friendly website and QR code.

It seems on the face of it Microsoft is ahead of Google when it comes to helping SMEs get mobile enabled sites.

It will be interesting to see what the Big G comes up with in response.

4 years 6 days ago

Hi mate,

Cheers for that heads-up; just checked it out now and registered Bonsai, very cool features (and love the QR code / sticker option, hehe!).

Mobile is definitely going to play a big part in what sets the search engines apart. Google – your turn. :)

Wes Towers@GraphicDesignMelbourne
4 years 16 days ago

As a web designer, I need to be open to all kinds of changes in the digital world, Danny. With almost everyone going mobile, I need to make sure that the websites I develop are up to par with the way everything is going as well. So, without asking any questions I made sure that the websites I designed and developed could be opened efficiently by smart phone and non-smart phone users. I figured it’s better to be prepared than lose clients because I am still trapped in thinking that people use their laptops or desktop computers in viewing what I have done to their sites.

4 years 14 days ago

Great approach, Wes – I’m always a fan of the “build it first, scale it back later” approach than the “try and add non-compatible crap on afterwards” approach. :)

Do you find you’re getting more traffic because you haven’t limited the ways you can access the sites?

Wes Towers@GraphicDesignMelbourne
4 years 14 days ago

Traffic is definitely way better now that it was a year ago, Danny. Although I can say this is also thanks to the wonderful people I have met in the blogging community.

Justice Wordlaw IV
4 years 17 days ago

Mobile is taking over slowly but surely. Working on understanding where your customers are at and doing is very important. If you can find a way to get into their smartphones then that is a whole entire new method of making a lot more money. Great post dan

4 years 14 days ago

If you look at the Asian market, Justice, the percentage of folks that are accessing sites via mobile is huge. It’s only a matter of time before the service providers in the West catch up – best to be ready now. πŸ˜‰

Justice Wordlaw IV
4 years 14 days ago

yeah, you are right with that. I have been looking to find a person that can change over my blog and companies website onto a mobile platform as I know this is going to grow very fast and soon.

Lisa Gerber
4 years 17 days ago

It seems so obvious now – I don’t even know if I should admit – but it never occurred to me to ask our audience if they use a smartphone. What a great idea!!!

4 years 17 days ago

Welcome to Gini’s world, Lisa… πŸ˜‰

Mark Harai
4 years 17 days ago

LOL! – You’re a crackup Danny!!

Gini Dietrich
4 years 14 days ago

Poor Lisa! Leave her alone! At least until you meet her in person. THEN you can make fun of her!

4 years 14 days ago

What makes you think I was making fun of Lisa in my reply..? πŸ˜‰

Gini Dietrich
4 years 14 days ago

I don’t know why I continue coming back for abuse from you. I truly must be masochistic. TROY! WHERE ARE YOU?!

4 years 14 days ago

It’s all said with a wink and a smile, miss. :)

Jane | Find All Answers
4 years 17 days ago

Hey Danny,

It is absolutely true that mobile is taking over the online social media. As you say, I am always logged in on FB and Twitter on my Android.

I have made my site accessible on mobile, however I have not yet tried most of the “smart” questions you have coined here. Time to think of and work.


4 years 17 days ago

Hey there Jane,

Ditto! Loving the ease that the Touch Facebook app offers the whole FB experience, and Hootsuite for Android is by far my favourite Twitter client (as well as letting me hook up other acconts).

Good luck with the Smart questions – definitely something we all need to be aware of. :)