10 Free Blog Topics to Help You Get Your Blog On

Free blog topics

This post is part of our free blog topics series over at For Bloggers By Bloggers.

For many bloggers, coming up with blog topics can be hard. Keeping your blog fresh and interesting for readers old and new can see you hitting the blog topics wall, and often that leads to you just not blogging at all.

So, in this weekly series every Saturday, we’ll provide you with 10 free blog topics to get your mind rejuvenated.

As well as offering you some blog topics ideas, we’ll also give a short paragraph on each topic to help you get off the starting blocks. Hopefully this will give you some more ideas, if the initial titles of the post topics themselves don’t.

So – on with the topics!

  • How Music Helps Shape My Decisions. We all have our favourite songs, and can remember a time in our life based on a certain tune. But how did they help shape your life? Did a certain song give you the strength you needed at a certain time? Was there a song playing when you told your partner you loved them for the first time? Music is all-encompassing – share what your music taste means to you.
  • If The Matrix Was Real. If you’ve seen The Matrix trilogy, you’ll be aware of the concept of humanity being the puppets of machines. But can that be correlated to your actual life? Who would the machines be – your boss, your partner, your bank manager? And how would you overthrow them? (Note – this should probably be written in a tongue-in-cheek manner!).
  • The Best High School Date I Never Had. In high school, there’s always that one guy or gal that we had a huge crush on, but nothing ever came of it. So if you could go back in time and be guaranteed a date with that person, who would it be with and where would you go – and money’s no object?
  • If This Was My Last Blog Post. At some point, we all die – it’s one of life’s absolutes. So, if you could write and schedule the last blog post you would ever write, what would it say, and what would be your parting message to your community?
  • My All-Time Guest Blogger Line-Up. If you offer guest posts on your blog, and you could choose from your all-time favourite bloggers to line up for a week on your blog, who would the seven bloggers be, and what would you have them write about (even better if it’s outside their normal niche)?
  • Lessons Learned From Being Fired. Have you ever been fired from a job? Not made redundant, but actually fired? If so, what lessons (if any) did you learn from that, and how have they helped you in your career or job decisions since then?
  • Remember When? Life moves fast; changes happen all the time. So how about sharing the things that were a constant in your childhood, and why today’s equivalents are better or worse? Take a trip down memory lane, and see how many of your readers connect with their memories.
  • What The Harry Potter Saga Can Teach Us About Branding. Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, with billions of dollars in book, movie and merchandise sales, the Harry Potter saga is a modern phenomenon. So what can businesses learn about branding and longevity from the simple words of an author?
  • Knowing When To Stop. The original Star Wars trilogy remains a favourite to me, even though Return of the Jedi wasn’t that strong. And then George Lucas ruined the memories for me by first updating the trilogy, and then releasing the vapid new trilogy. So when should people stop? At what point does something not get any better? Share your take on your favourite author, movie, singer, etc, and where they should have stopped while they were ahead.
  • The Best Invention No-One’s Invented Yet. There are innovations all around us, helping make our lives easier or better. But what invention hasn’t been created yet, and if money was no object, what would you invent that would change either your life, or the world around us?

Hope these help you get some ideas to start your creative juices flowing again – and feel free to share any posts you write from the above topics in the comments below, or linking back here.

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  1. says

    This is a generous share Danny! I’m getting better at coming up with topics but I can’t help but be in awe of someone who has so many that he can afford to give some (ten!) away!


  2. ginidietrich says

    Maybe for next week…and I’m leaving this here so I can totally fill your “recent comments” box. I loved what margieclayman did for her August blog posts. She let her readers choose the topics and that’s what she’ll write. She even created an editorial calendar, that she posted on her blog, about whose idea it was and when it’ll run.

    My latest conversation: http://www.spinsucks.com/social-media/gin-and-topics-creepy-old-guys-and-memories/

  3. says

    @ginidietrich margieclayman Well that’s a shame, Gini, seems your Recent Comments Box plan petered out… :)

    I like that idea – may have to speak to Ms. Clayman about that :)

  4. says

    @Lori Thanks Lori.

    It’s just something to say thanks to everyone who ever gave me a blog idea, either by a comment they left, or a post they wrote, or similar.

    Would be pretty cheeky to charge. 😉

  5. margieclayman says

    @DannyBrown @ginidietrich The amazing thing about that is that people were sort of hesitant at first, like, “Oh, I dunno, I don’t really have a good Hey how about this, the greatest blog idea I’ve ever had that I’m giving to you, Margie!!” Very astonishing examples of blog idea generosity. Though I’m hoping people blog along with me so we can get different perspectives on the same ideas :)

  6. says

    Well, I guess I need some new topics; I can only talk about myself for so long……..I lose 10% of my community every time I post………….

    Kind of a take off on Margie’s plan, I’m thinking of using these 10 topics in order and use them for my next 10 posts after my Monday post. Maybe this will get me more in a ‘writing’ mode because I don’t spend a lot of ‘thinking’ time on this.

    Let’s see what happens………..

  7. margieclayman says

    @DannyBrown 1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war! BTw, I’m using Chrome and your Livefyre section is looking, to use your term, wonky…words are overlapping on each other. Haven’t been having that problem elsewhere so don’t know if it might be something else in your site throwing it off?

  8. ginidietrich says

    @DannyBrown @margieclayman Oh that’s a good idea! But the idea I gave you I’d never be able to do. You’re MUCH more talented in the pop culture than I am.

  9. says

    @DannyBrown Anakin’s transformation to the dark side was a bit too quick. Probably the best of the prequels, but sill nothing like the original trilogy. The character development wasn’t there like the original three … with any of the prequels, really. What they could have done with Darth Maul eh? What an interesting cat … I better stop before someone’s geek alarm goes off 😉

  10. says

    Very generous here, and nice breadth! I feel a bit like I’m in class again, getting writing prompts, but I like that you are to the side of a number of possible subjects with these. I think every commenter here should take a stab at the invention prompt. We could change the world.

  11. b2bcommunicate says

    Cool ideas. I’d chew my own leg off if I read another ‘think outside the box’ admonition. These are good places to start brainstorming from… expressed concisely (is that a word?).

  12. says

    Very interesting post and ideas. I’ve seen some similar from time to time over the net but this is the first time that I see the first paragraph too, which is what really makes the difference. Some times a little tune up really makes the difference. And it’s a good list too.

    As for Star Wars I think the main problem is consistency or likelihood. How is it possible that someone who killed young Jedi students can be forgiven in the last chapter with Obi Wan and Yoda? How can it be that if one Sith equals tens of Jedi Knights Obi Wan slays Darth Maul in a snap while being more or less eaqual to Darth Vader when older? It would have been better if Lukas did his homework and put things right from the beginning. And I don’t want to even talk about midicloreans. :)

    • says

      Haha, as a fellow Star Wars fan who grew up with the movies in the 70’s, I can’t help but smile and nod in agreement at the many plot holes between the two trilogies. :)

  13. says

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