If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll notice that I’ve switched the Livefyre commenting system back on, after using the vanilla WordPress option for the last few months.

I was one of the early beta users of the system, and loved the way it took blog commenting and turned it into a real-time chat (as this experiment and the subsequent results show).

However, along with it not really fitting into the blog’s redesign at the time, there were some features that Livefyre lacked, which saw me revert to the standard WordPress comment system (albeit one that was heavily optimized by Bonsai Interactive’s Creative Director, Lisa Kalandjian). But I’ve always kept eyes on the system, and met the team at a conference earlier this year.

And I’m glad I did, because today’s Livefyre is a completely different beast from when I was test-running it, and the features that weren’t around then have made it into the new version. So the time seemed right to switch it back on. So what’s new?

Latest Post or Conversation

Perhaps one of the biggest things that Livefyre lacked previously was the latest post option (or Conversation, as Livefyre calls it). This is what the CommentLuv plug-in offers – the option for anyone leaving a comment to have their last post visible as a link back to their blog.

Livefyre latest conversation option

Where Livefyre’s version differs is that it’s (currently) only for those with a Livefyre account. While it doesn’t offer the same benefits of CommentLuv because of this limitation, it’s a clever way to encourage sign-up. And the cool thing is, if you have multiple blogs, it pulls the last post from the newest publication, so it gives all your blogs an equal amount of promotion.

Simple Site Wide Moderation

When I first had Livefyre switched on, its dashboard area was pretty basic. There were your account details, and the blogs you had registered, and that was pretty much it. It didn’t really allow for analytics or moderation (something the Disqus platform was better at). Not any more.

Livefyre Site Moderation

With the new and improved dashboard, you have much more control. This includes white-listing commenters, banning spammers, marking comments that are offensive so Livefyre can learn them, and more.

It’s a far better system, and makes running the back-end of your commenting system a much easier task.

Improved Social Sharing Options

A lot of bloggers – myself included – have wondered about the effect social networks have on blog comments. Do tweets and Facebook conversations mean fewer comments on the blog (though more overall)? And will the freestyle comment stream of Google+ affect this even more?

Either way, there’s no doubt that a lot of conversations about a post are missed, because they’re taking place on Twitter, Facebook, etc, and not everyone has an account on these platforms. This is where Livefyre is stepping in, to really cultivate the conversation around a post.

Livefyre SocialSync

Their new SocialSync feature gives you the option to have tweets and Facebook posts become a part of the post’s comments. This is similar to the Reactions feature on Disqus, with a difference – Livefyre’s way of doing things seems better suited to social conversations being part of the comment stream.

For instance, simple retweets aren’t counted (or shoudn’t be). Instead, only extended conversations around a post are pulled into the comments. The same goes with Facebook – if you share a post on your Facebook Page, then any wall posts by your connections will be pulled over to your post.

It’s not perfect – for example, I’d love the option to be able to reply to Facebook posts from the blog comment (much like you can with the Twitter sync). Additionally, the SocialSync conversations currently split the comments if there are more than 50, as opposed to being at the end of the comment stream (although Livefyre have said they’re looking to fix this). But as a first attempt at really integrating all conversations around a post, it’s a great start. Especially if Livefyre can work a way to include Google+ comments.

The Little Things

So these are three of the main differences in the Livefyre system since last being activated on here. They’ve also added some nice little features – more sign in options (Google and LinkedIn), along with the option to view oldest comments first. Couple these with more CSS options, so you can code Livefyre to suit the design of your blog a bit better, and Livefyre has pretty much got most options covered for a one-stop commenting system.

There are some more features on the way, too, with perhaps one of the most-asked for additions due imminently – the option to allow guest commenting, where you don’t need to have one of the current sign-in options to leave a comment.

I was a big fan of Livefyre before. I think it’s fair to say that, with the new features, I’m pretty much sold on them as the best commenting option out there. Obviously there might be some hiccups along the way, but I’ve always found the Livefyre support to be second-to-none.

And you can’t ask for much more than that.

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  1. says

    Hey Danny, I gave it a go for a few weeks and went back to vanilla system. My main issue was the fact that I could not edit comments. So I had a situation where a commenter linked to the blog in irony and turned out the blog really exists and it would not be nice to link to it in such manner. We could not edit the comment.That was my main reason. I also did have slight loading problems from time to time. However, I would not recommend going back to vanilla once a person decides to install Livefyre because if you go back the comment order is terrible, I think it is like a time line, so all the replies are not really replies, the comments are all over the place. I hope they will fix these small issues since I would love to go back one day.

    My latest conversation: http://live-your-love.com/score-guest-post/

  2. says

    @Brankica Hi Bran, yeah, an editing option would be cool, for sure. :)

    That’s an interesting thing about the comment layout (I’m assuming you mean threaded comments?) – I’ve always found Livefyre to be really good at that. When I switched it off last year, my comments were fine – same when I switched on this week, the WordPress threaded comments jumped into their right place.

    Maybe a way your theme pulls the comments loop? I dunno, I’m not techy enough for that, but perhaps @jennalanger can help? :)

  3. says

    @jennalanger Oh, I’m sure you have a ton of features you haven’t shared yet – looking forward to seeing what they are, miss. And kudos for always having your community’s interests at heart. :)

  4. says

    @TheJackB I think the option to pull your friends into the comversation, with the little @ option, is definitely a great way to enhance the user and reader experience, mate.

  5. SoloBizCoach says

    I haven’t tried livefyre on my site yet because I just don’t see the value. I like the idea of real-time commenting, but that seems to be the only benefit for me. I get all excited about it when I see you and@TheJackB using it. But, then when I think about switching, something holds me back each time.

  6. SoloBizCoach says

    @DannyBrown @TheJackB I like the @ reply system too. I forgot to mention that in my comment above.

  7. says

    @SoloBizCoach @TheJackB It’s definitely one of these things where you need to weigh up the pros and cons for using it, Leo.

    I think, for me, had the new features still be behind closed doors, I’d still be on vanilla WordPress. But since all the “concerns” that I had previously have been released, it was good enough for me to have back on.

    It’s definitely the best of the third-party options, but completely understand remaining with your platform’s native system. :)

  8. says

    I switched my blog to Livefyre not long ago as well. Mostly because I couldn’t keep saying no to @jennalanger . She just seems too nice.

    Seriously, though, they seem to be beating Disqus to the punch with innovation, and their support staff is top-notch. The community that’s behind it is very active as well. All good things when looking for a quality commenting system.

    My latest conversation: http://fatwalr.us/about/

  9. says

    I love the interactivity of livefyre blogs. Definitely makes it easier to keep up a fast-paced conversation. I’ll have to look into the customization capabilities with Headway because I’m my own webmaster and designer!

    I don’t know if everyone is seeing what I’m seeing, but in your replies Danny, some of the text is overlapping with the name of the person you’re replying to. It’s covering up a few of the characters.

  10. says

    @LukeCoburn @jennalanger Having met Jenna earlier this year, I can confirm she is as nice as she seems online. :)

    That’s definitely a big selling point, Luke, their support really is second-to-none, and it just seems their more active in their bloggers’ community than other systems are. Of course, when Livefyre grows to the size it’s surely going to become, then it’ll be interesting to see if they’r still as active.

    My money’s on the affirmative. :)

  11. says

    @DannyBrown @Brankica Hey Brankica, if you can email support at livefyre with an example of a post that doesn’t maintain threading that would be great. We send it to the WordPress database with parents, so I’ll check to see if something got messed up through that. If you don’t want your last conversation to show since it’s outdated, you can turn LinkBack off for your comments here: http://livefyre.com/profile/edit/sites/

    And editing comments is in the cards, coming soon!

    My latest conversation: http://www.jennalanger.com/2008/12/instant-messaging-text-messaging-overview/

  12. says

    @marianne.worley Hi Marianne,

    Funnily enough, margieclayman mentioned the same thing on yesterday’s post. I’m not seeing it this end, though I did have an issue with the CSS when I first switched it back on. That’s been fixed now, so maybe just need to refresh the Internet cache?

    If it still persists, maybe you could shoot a screen grab if that’s okay, and I’ll have lisa kalandjian check it out? Thanks!

  13. says

    @jennalanger I’m using Chrome. When the overlapping was showing, the comment font seemed to be Arial or Helvetica. Once I refreshed the page, the font changed to Verdana or something similar–and the overlapping is gone. I’ll let you know if I see it again. And, I’ll certainly consider installing livefyre on my blog!

  14. says

    @jennalanger @marianne.worley Quick question about the Latest Conversation, Jenna – I’m guessing if you’re commenting on your most recent post itself, the link doesn’t appear?

  15. says

    Hey Danny,

    I have been using Livefyre for all of my blogs and it really does do a great job with all of the moderation tools that they offer and the way you can track and see all of your blogs. It’s just giving you now full control over your commenting system and now with the conversation added into the commenting system it just makes it a lot better. Glad to see the system back on your blog.

    My latest conversation: http://justicewordlaw.com/why-you-need-to-stop-using-youtube-for-video/

  16. margieclayman says

    @DannyBrown Hi Danny, the overlapping is gone! So, this LiveFyre thing is kind of like a dinner bell. I’m going through my Twitter stream and all of a sudden I see this “Marrrrrgie c’mere, we’re talking about I mean to you!” Very very weird :)

  17. says

    @Justicewordlaw Hey there mate,

    Agree – it’s a far different system than the one I remember using. And from what @jennalanger is saying, the new features are just the start – looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner. :)

  18. says

    @margieclayman Haha, you can’t escape, Margie, we have tabs on you everywhere. 😉

    Yeah, I think it was the CSS change that lisa kalandjian did, looks like it was just a cache refresh that was needed. :)

  19. KellyeCrane says

    Enjoyed reading your reasoning here, Danny. As you may recall, I was a huge fan of your real-time chat experiment on Livefyre, which showed how powerful it can be.

    The main reason I haven’t implemented Livefyre yet is the points system. I had some strong feedback from my blog’s community that they dislike the “ratings” aspect — if I could hide the points, I’d be one step closer to adoption.

    Another thing I’ll be watching closely here is whether Livefyre encourages more “chatty” (for lack of a better word) -type comments, versus more substantive ones. I don’t know the answer and neither kind of comment is better than the other, but it’s if it does have this effect it’s another thing for a blogger to consider before making the switch. Thanks for sharing your decision-making process!

  20. TonyTeegarden says

    Hi @DannyBrown. I was just chatting with you over on G+ (would be cool if it showed up here right?) I was pretty stoked to give it a go, but I’m not nuts about the idea that everyone who shows up has to have an account in order to leave a comment. Kind of a hassle but a necessary one I guess?

    Is there any idea on how soon the guest feature will be released? Also i’m wondering if anyone has had any experience of exporting Disqus comments [which I’m currently using] and then installing Livefyre?

  21. says

    @DannyBrown @SoloBizCoach I wrestled with switching over for a long time. I had worked with Haloscan, DISQUS, Intense Debate and proprietary systems for Blogger and WP so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my system to do.

    And one of my primary concerns was that it be easy for non-users to comment on my blog. If you ask people to jump through too many hoops they just go away. That doesn’t seem to be a problem here.

    I am still trying to figure out if I want to do a major redesign on my blog, but I am confident that if I do I will retain Livefyre. Their support is the best that I have seen and that is a big part of why I like them.

    My latest conversation: http://www.thejackb.com/2011/07/22/weekend-reading-2/

  22. says

    @KellyeCrane Hi there Kellye,

    Two good points there, miss – now why does that not surprise me? :)

    Yeah, I think when Livefyre first launched, the points were meant as a way to have a more respectful community (since they also had negative points too). But I think this is more a personal choice thing (or should be). We know ourselves how good our communities are, so points do seem unnecessary.

    I think the same goes for the “chatty” option – I know exactly what you mean ( gini dietrich ‘s blog at spinsucks is the perfect example). Like you say, absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it definitely shows how solid a community can be. But it may not be for everyone.

    Be interesting to hear either @jennalanger or jordan kretchmer ‘s feedback. :)

  23. says

    tr- @TonyTeegarden Hi Tony,

    Great to see you here, mate. :) I know when Livefyre first launched, the sign-up process was to encourage commenters to take responsibility. So, if you were going to act like a troll, your name would be attached.

    But I’ve pretty much found that bloggers are great at knowing their own community, and looking after them (at least the good ones), so that type of registration isn’t needed by them. I think the guest comment option is fairly imminent – maybe @jennalanger can enlighten? :)

  24. TonyTeegarden says

    @DannyBrown @jennalanger Thanks to both of you for the response! I’ll more than likely make the move. Thanks for the great content as always Danny. I’m one of those “trolls” lol

  25. says

    @TonyTeegarden , I moved from Disqus to Livefyre, and the process was a piece of cake.

    You will lose are the @references because they won’t translate from Disqus to Livefyre. You’ll see a bunch of “@dannybrown:disqus” text-based references once you’re in Livefyre.

    The other catch that I’ve seen is that you won’t get the completed threaded-ness in your comments. Comment streams that were multiple level (like how Jenna responded to Danny who responded to you) will show up as single level (Jenna and Danny would both show up as having responded to you).

    You can see what I’m talking about in the comment section of one of my past posts ( http://fatwalr.us/2011/05/compare-commenting-systems-disqus-vs-intensedebate-vs-livefyre/ for example).

    My latest conversation: http://fatwalr.us/about/

  26. says

    @LukeCoburn @TonyTeegarden Awesome, Luke, thanks for clarifying. I know when I used Disqus at the time, it didn’t transfer my threaded comments from WordPress (though they’ve since improved that), but I wasn’t sure about Disqus-to-Livefyre. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  27. says

    This looks like a party. :) Is there cake and party hats here? Wait, I have not been blogging enough for this advanced comment system! I am overwhelmed!

  28. says

    @DannyBrown @KellyeCrane Hi there Kellye. Thanks for the feedback about the points system. We have it to encourage higher quality comments, but I understand what people are saying. We have plans to do much more with the likes in the future, and we’ll definitely keep in mind how communities can customize it to fit their needs.

    As far as your chat question, it really depends on how the community wants to use Livefyre. As you can see here on Danny’s blog, he get’s long, thoughtful comments, and he’s responding to people in real-time. It works well for asychronous conversation, and the real-time is an added bonus. We also have people that use Livefyre just for chat, like during live sporting events. We want to tool be be flexible and I think it works well in all the different scenarios.

    My latest conversation: http://www.jennalanger.com/2008/12/instant-messaging-text-messaging-overview/

  29. ginidietrich says

    @DannyBrown @KellyeCrane I love how chatty the Spin Sucks community gets…especially on Friday afternoons. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

  30. says

    @ginidietrich @NancyD68 Me, or Nancy?

    Hey, so Gini – I recall that both Nancy and myself are banned from your Facebook wall. Wondering if I should extend that courtesy to you here..? 😉

  31. Shannon Boudjema says

    Bah! what if there was a conference that needed a very smart scottish accented key note? 😉

  32. Andrew Hannush says

    Yeah! Love that LiveFyre…glad its back…although I need to get back to blog reading again 😉

  33. Danny Brown says

    @Andrew – Agreed, I was always a fan of Livefyre, but the new features take it a step above again – great system, seems a natural fit for bloggers.

  34. Shannon Boudjema says

    Buahahaha! The most precious whisky in the world… 18yr old – an entire bottle my friend.. an entire bottle! wanna? x

  35. margieclayman says

    @NancyD68 @ginidietrich @DannyBrown I think I’m gonna ban all 3 of you from my facebook wall. Just for spite :)

  36. says

    Glad you brought them back, Danny. I really do wish, for the sake of my readers/commenters, that they would open up the “latest blog” option to anyone who registers to comment, not just those who use livefyre. And they need to make the interface with your settings a bit more easy to find when you want to make changes.

    And thanks for giving @ginidietrich a bigger head. She is going to be sooo much more insufferable than ever before.

  37. says

    @jennalanger @DannyBrown @marianne.worley any chance we can get that opened up? I bet if you allowed everyone to show off their latest blog post, it might draw more people to Livefyre. I’m all about openness over exclusivity.

  38. says

    @KenMueller @ginidietrich Hey there Ken,

    I’m wondering if they’ll do that – I’m not sure how the CommentLuv system parses, but I’d imagine something similar could be implemented here. Unless, of course, it’s seen as a “reward” for using Livefyre, much like CommentLuv rewards users who create a CommentLuv account with extra community features.

    The great thing I find with them is that they’re always listening to suggestions an feedback, so you never know.

    And point taken about Gini – I’ll make sure it’s a less than flattering image he next time. 😉

  39. says

    @DannyBrown @ginidietrich I tried using CommentLuv with Livefyre awhile back and they conflicted. I opted to stick with Livefyre knowing they were coming out with this feature. I would just love to see more sharing. I do understand what they are trying to do, however. I love Llivefyre and it’s done wonders for my blog. For instance, you just went over to my blog and commented as a result of seeing my link. While I’m still writing this. And then you tweeted it.

    I suggest that from now on, every time you mention Gini, rather than a picture of her, just put up a picture of some shoes…

  40. says

    @DannyBrown @KellyeCrane @jennalanger Jenna always beats me to the punch 😉 So I’ll add one thing and say that if you don’t like the point system, you can hide them using a css style. email support@livefyre.com if you’d like to do that and we’d be glad to help you make it happen!

  41. JanetAronica says

    I need to (finally) switch to Livefyre on my blog. Also shout-out to @jennalanger *killing* it with engaging her community in this thread… 😉

  42. says

    But, the names are overlapping w/ the comments; sometimes it’s hard to read the first sentence such as your reply to Mr Mueller that includes Ms Gini. I’ve turned off all comment streams because it was killing my e-mail. However, your previous system would always notify when someone commented to me directly. Now I have to star in my reader and make sure I come back. Just sayin’ but hope it working for you…………….

    I think that’s all I have to offer. Until I go self hosted I’m pretty much stuck with WordPress.

  43. says

    @JanetAronica @jennalanger If there’s one thing that’s consistently impressed me about the Livefyre guys, Janet, it’s their interaction with the community, and answering any questions about the system. That’s a big plus on any scorecard for me. :)

  44. KimDavies says

    @margieclayman @NancyD68 @ginidietrich @DannyBrown – ROFL!!! You guys are so funny! My sides are splitting! Help! 😀 LOL!!!

  45. KimDavies says

    Much like Marianne, I love how a community is able to interact with Livefyre. It makes commenting so much fun! 😀

    But, I know of some people who don’t like Livefyre or Disqus or other 3rd party commenting systems though. If you know Ileane of Basic Blog Tips, she had a guest post just recently that mentioned how they can lessen your number of comments. Mitch of I’m Just Sharing (I don’t know if you know him) also don’t like these 3rd party commenting systems.

    I always told them that it’s the blog and the blogger and not the commenting system, but I am beginning to love Livefyre more and more. :)

    Thanks for this, Danny. Maybe those who dislike Livefyre so much may find reason in this.

    Hope your weekend was amazing. :)

  46. says

    HI Danny, :)

    I am actually on the fence with this one. Some of the people who wanted to comment on my post that had the pleasure of being published on FBBB. They gave up complaining that they found it too complicated to sign up. One person wanted to leave a quick comment and then decided against it because he didn’t want the ‘hassle’. Another person – okay, my Dad – is not very technologically advanced, he complained why he had to use a commenting system anyway.

    Do you think a commenting system actually discourages people from commenting – especially the ones who wanna quickly get in and get out? I’d be really interested to hear your experience with it. New to your blog, I haven’t had a chance to go through it properly – yet! :)

  47. Omnific_Design says

    Hello, Danny. From what I can see here, Livefyre is really doing you good. Not that the interaction and conversations when you had WordPress commenting system installed was not good, but the level of interaction here seemed to be so much better and livelier. Glad things are working great for you, mate. 😀

  48. says

    Hi Danny. One of my most read blog posts was one I did comparing Disqus and Lyfyre many months back and that the Livefyre team of @jkretch @JMattHicks @jennalanger were one aspect that set them apart but I do feel the technology is better as well.

    I coined the term Conversation Engine for this type of technology and I need to TM it! 8)

    One thing I wish to disagree (refreshing for once huh?) I actually think these conversation engines are pulling people away from Facebook and Twitter.

    One thing Livefyre has which G+ doesn’t is a better curation of post history. I had tried locating a post I had +ed on G+ that I saw on the mobile app but really needed to be viewed in big screen. It was horrendous finding that post of someone in my circles. There was no search option. On the Livefyre website there is a nice post history. Would be great for them to have a search box as well (hint! hint!).

  49. says

    @johnfalchetto @jkretch John you need to out do @DannyBrown maybe when you switch see if they offer some designer colors. Or fonts that flash on and off and shoot fireworks onto the screen once the comment is posted?

  50. says

    @KenMueller It could very well be mine because I’m bare bones, but use Google Chrome as my browser. Even your comment above has the reply super-imposed. As long as I know it’s me, it’s best I keep my mouth shut, huh? Everybody will know I’m still driving that dang Pinto………

  51. says

    @HowieSPM @jkretch @JMattHicks @jennalanger The Livefyre team definitely seem to know a thing or two about community, mate.

    Agree on the G+ side of threaded comments and archived posts – you’d think Google, of all people, would have a better search option within their platform. I dunno – techies… 😉

  52. says

    @Omnific_Design Cheers, mate – yeah, the differences between the Livefyre I was using, and the one I just switched back on, are very noticeable. Will be interesting to see how/if it affects comments and open conversation. :)

  53. says

    @Marya | Writing Happiness Hi Marya,

    Sorry to hear that – the last thing I want to do is discourage comments or interaction, and it’s why I’ve been wary of third-party options in the past. I know with this blog, the large majority of my readers either have a Twitter or Facebook account, so even the previous version of Livefyre was okay for them. But it’s something I’ll keep an eye on – hopefully, the guest commenting feature that’s on its way will make it even easier.

    It’s a fair point about comment systems and the barriers they could put up. I think this is where the blogger and their community comes into play – the blogger should have a good idea of their audience’s tech smarts, and make a decision based on that. Of course, it’s always smart to keep an eye on comments and interaction before and after… 😉

  54. says

    @KimDavies Hi Kim,

    I’ll have to look for Ileane’s post, sounds an interesting read. Though, as you rightly say, I think a lot of it can come down to the blogger and how they make the readers feel once the comments are live.

    Of the third-party options, I do think Livefyre is head and shoulders above the others, and really encourage commenting and interaction, though. :)

  55. says

    @bdorman264 @KenMueller Hi Bill,

    I use Chrome as well, and it’s fine here, mate. Have you tried clearing your Internet cache and then refreshing? I think @margieclayman and marianneworley had similar issues, but were fine after cleaning the cache?

  56. KellyeCrane says

    @ginidietrich Yes, the Spin Sucks crowd is a hoot! I think it’s interesting, because the conversation reminds me of a community Twitter chat (like #solopr) — lots of information, with some fun/support thrown in. Except that people can participate on their own schedule, which is one reason people love it so much (Gini, your active participation is another!).

  57. says

    @DannyBrown @jkretch @JMattHicks @jennalanger has anyone been given an update on when the Livefyre Points Redemption Storefront is finally going to open?

  58. says

    @KellyeCrane @ginidietrich For the love of God, Kellye, please don’t encourage Gini any further. She’s already cock-a-hoop at being the lead image… 😉

  59. says

    @ginidietrich @NancyD68 @DannyBrown Gini prefers cupcakes. In fact she prefers cupcakes then she takes a picture of herself eating a cupcake looking mischievous and flipping the bird at the viewer…then she posts it on @ShellyKramer ‘s Facebook wall (some people still use Facebook ya know!)

  60. says

    @DannyBrown @jennalanger That is why I love them too :)Here is a post I haven’ manually fixed the comments yet on http://live-your-love.com/seo-your-comments-get-the-max-out-of-your-blog-commenting/You can see that it is time lined, there are several comments and then several of mine, just as they were posted regarding time while on Livefyre. I actually went and manually fixed some posts, but didn’t get around to doing it yet for all of them cause there are so many.

    As far as the last link goes, it is great that it is there, but it would be better if you had the choice of choosing it, like I said it is pulling up the last one I had while the blog was on LF. Does that mean that those who don’t have blogs on LF can’t have the links attached?Thanks for the help here

  61. says

    @HowieSPM @DannyBrown @jkretch @jennalanger I’m lobbying really heavily for a Livefyre point stock market. For instance, I could “invest” in shonali ‘s blog and as it continues to grow in traffic and comments, my point total will be through the roof; it’s kinda like virtual angel investing. I’ll also invest in my man ecdawg_lhb site, they’ve been blowing up over there. I mean, we need SOME way to catch up with @ginidietrich ! Plus, we all know @DannyBrown will be at about 2405872 points before we know it! 😉

  62. says

    Livefyre was one of the primary reasons I chose to change hosts. I have loved it since I saw it on @ginidietrich ‘s blog and think it’s one of the best community-building comment systems there is. And they have the most responsive (and friendly!) technical support team I’ve encountered. I’m glad you decided to cool like Gini and me Danny. I’m pretty sure that was your motivation…right?

  63. says

    @MimiMeredith @ginidietrich Haha, I won’t say anything about me using @livefyre waaaaayyyyy before Gini did, and that she copied that from me, much like most other stuff… 😉

    Always a sign of getting something right when you change your hosts just to use something, Mimi – wow, can’t get much more of an endorsement than that. :)

  64. says

    I got burned by Disqus, thus I’d never use anything but the built in WordPress comments. I just don’t trust something that I’m not in full control of. Then again, I’m a control freak on things like this.

  65. says

    @DannyBrown @Marya | Writing Happiness Hi Marya, I’m making it a personal project of mine to make sure we design our new registration so it’s easy enough for even my mom to comment. We want the doors to be welcoming and open :) Thanks for the feedback!

  66. says

    @JayDolan I hear you, mate – when I switched Disqus off, it left my blog in a helluva mess (although I hear they’ve improved since). Something just seems to fit with Livefyre, though. :)

  67. says

    @jennalanger @Marya | Writing Happiness Now THAT’s what I call looking after your community, Jenna – probably why so many people are switching Livefyre on. :)

  68. says

    Thanks Danny! As I had mentioned, I am just waiting for guest commenting to go into effect on Livefyre and then will switch over from disqus.

    I first typed this reply but didn’t note my last “conversation come through as I have a livefyre account. I went in to edit my settings and add this feature… Let’s see if it comes through.

  69. says

    @KenMueller @ExpatDoctorMom Hi Rajka, like Ken mentions, I think it’s only if you have the system live on your own blog, and then it pulls from your feed. At least, that’s my understanding of @jennalanger ‘s explanation. :)

  70. says

    Ok, that makes sense! @KenMueller @DannyBrown @jennalanger . Please @jennalanger keep us posted on the guest commenting. will do the switch ASAP once this happens :)

  71. Grit08 says


    I wish I had Livefyre on the blogging platform I am using. It is an excellent way to reward people and help people who comment on posts. I comment here because I love your content. The fact you use LiveFyre really enhances the sense of community.. Lets face it. Bloggers love the feedback for all sorts of positive emotional and business reasons. Reading the comments is sometimes more entertaining and informative than reading the actual post. Not in your case of course. :) but in mine definitely *cough*, I wanna get better honestly :) Seriously it tweaks peoples interest if they see a great comment and they will visit a blog. I have done it myself other people must have done the same thing. Cliche alert :) Great post Danny really interesting breakdown about the features and benefits of using LiveFyre.

    Respect :)

  72. Grit08 says

    Wow. I just noticed your latest conversation link. You are one cool dude. :) Everybody who visits this place knows you’re one of the best in the business. Epic. :) Thank You. Sir.

  73. says

    @melikesart I’m not 100% certain, and I’m sure @jennalanger can confirm, but my understanding is Livefyre is available for Blogger. On their website, where you have the option of choosing your platform, Blogger is one of them.

    Like I say, though, don’t quote me, Jenna’s the gal to ask! :)

  74. melikesart says

    @DannyBrown Yes, the Blogger option is available in the LiveFyre homepage, but after selecting it, it would tell you to leave your email so you will be notified if it will become available.

  75. says

    @melikesart @DannyBrown you have no idea how much we want to support Blogger! We’re working with some developers to get one out there for you, and we’ll make sure you let you know.

  76. says

    @DannyBrown @Grit08 Hi Kenny, Livefyre can be integrated on SquareSpace using our custom platform type which is a simple line of Javascript. It doesn’t link up to your database and works differently on different themes which is why we don’t advertise it. We’ll be building a plugin that works more seamlessly with your platform. Feel fee to give the custom install a try and you can send any questions our way. Thanks!

    • CrassPip says

      @jennalanger @DannyBrown @Grit08 can you give any new details about this? Is a squarespace specific plug in coming? If so, when?

    • says

      @CrassPip@DannyBrown@Grit08 The SquareSpace specific plugin is on our roadmap, but it will still be some time since other platforms are much more prominent in the market. Thanks for your patience and watch our blog and twitter for updates!

  77. says

    @AnitaDismore Great to hear – I’m always wary of third-party platforms, but the way the Livefyre community managers interact with their users is a big plus for me. :)

  78. says

    @JayDolan In my opinion livefyre gives more control then the build in WP comment system. Now at least you have some view on social media comments.

  79. says

    @PhilipNowak I agree. At first I tried Disqus as it was being used by most blogs but somehow it doesn’t like my blog as it breaks everything in it so I uninstall and tried livefyre. So far, it has been a good experience using it as I think it is lightweight as it is claimed.

    Now, if only we could have an option to edit the post rather than deleting.

  80. says

    @astronyu@PhilipNowak Hey there, glad you made the switch and that it’s working well! Edit comment is on our roadmap so you’ll have that option soon enough :)

  81. says

    @newdaynewlesson Hi Susie,

    You need to do two things, in case you haven’t already:

    1. Make sure Livefyre is active on your blog.

    2. Switch Linkback on in your Livefyre admin area, under Settings > Extras.

    Hope that helps, but looping @jennalanger in just in case :)

  82. says

    @newdaynewlesson Hi Susie,

    Yep, you can find from within your WordPress dashboard. Just Add New Plugin, type Livefyre, then install and follow instructions.

    Because it writes from WordPress, you should find all your comments transfer over, including threaded discussions. :)

  83. says

    @jennalanger@DannyBrown I agree with @newdaynewlesson because mine showing about me page too since the first time I enabled the option. Looking forward to see how to actually really show my last conversation/blog posts on every comment I made.

  84. says

    @jennalanger@DannyBrown@newdaynewlesson Ah, seems it now updated my status. It is now shows my last post (a page on my blog). What I did was go to my dashboard, disable it, submit, and enable it again.

  85. says

    @newdaynewlesson@astronyu@DannyBrown Hey there, when the first import happens it grabs your oldest conversation last, which is why that is showing. You can turn off the feature for now here http://www.livefyre.com/profile/edit/sites/ and then turn it on again when you publish a new post. If you have any other questions feel free to email us at support at livefyre dot com.

  86. says

    Just like @ExpatDoctorMom I’m eagerly waiting for the guest commenting feature too. I’ve already used the Liverfyre WordPress plugin at http://lifelistchase.com and is contemplating on switching back to WordPress default commenting due to the lack of guest commenting. I do love livefyre.. shall be patient and wait for the time being. I hope i don’t have to wait too long :)

  87. Ordinary Randomness says

    I too just turned LiveFyre back on and I was happy to see the new feature showing our last post. The guest commenting will be a welcome addition also.

      • says

        @3djulio@Ordinary Randomness I know some folks have had this problem, and I think it’s how the blog is sending updates to the RSS. But @jennalanger can explain better. :)

        • says

          @DannyBrown@3djulio@Ordinary Randomness Hey Julio, I think we responded to your email, but to clarify the reason it’s showing your oldest post is because of the way that Livefyre imports comments. As soon as you publish a new post it will show your latest conversation. Welcome to Livefyre! :)

  88. says

    I like LiveFyre but it’s just a pain to set up sometimes – especially on older blogs without comments. CommentLuv is nice, but of course not as fully-featured as LiveFyre.

    To each their own I suppose!

  89. says

    Hi Danny, I just discovered your blogs and am impressed with the information and passion with which you write.

    I’m doing research right now on what type of commenting system I’d like to use for my blog. I was considering Livefyre which is how I found this post. It doesn’t appear you’re using LiveFyre currently, so I assume you turned it back off.

    Could I ask you why? I have a new blog up, and I’ve only begun to look into alternative commenting for wordpress. Anonymity as an option is very important to me, and yet I, also, want to be able to use the social networks option for those who feel safe to use their own identities.

    I, also, don’t want to use any app that demands the user give a third party the right to post on their Facebook or any social network AS them or mine the users ENTIRE account. I find that offensive. How intrusive is Livefyre in that regard?

    I’d be interested in any follow up opinions you might have on Livefyre. Thanks!

    Demian Yumei

    • says

      Hi there Demian,

      First, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

      I did use Livefyre on here until recently (and I may go back, I vary quite a bit). The main reason I switched it off was there were still a couple of bugs every now and then (formatting, mainly), and I also kinda like the way my designer formatted the comment section to suit the style of the blog.

      As far as privacy, you can definitely set up a pseudonym. As long as that’s tied into a pseudonym account on Twitter or Facebook, you can then share across these networks, or bring conversations about your post into the comments thanks to the SocialSync feature of Livefyre.

      Additionally, Livefyre (as far as I’m aware) will only share to social networks you allow connection with. Otherwise, the comments and dialogue stay right here on the blog.

      Hope that helps!

  90. says

    Hi there. It seems as though both Livefyre and CommentLuv are running on your blog. How is this so? I drop by due to a conversation over on Ileane’s blog (Basic Blog Tips) indicating you returned to CommentLuv from Livefyre. How is Livefyre still appearing active on this post and Comment Luv on your newer posts?

    • says

      @AbundantJourney It may be that the transfer process from WordPress comments to Livefyre hadn’t quite completed? I’ve deactivted CLP and switched Livefyre back on now.

      • says

        @DannyBrown Gotcha. Thank you for responding. So are you sticking with Livefyre or do you think you might switch back to CommentLuv? Just curious. I’m only 1 year old in the blogging world and still learning quite a bit. Shonda

        • says

          @AbundantJourney Hi Shonda,

          I think I’ll be sticking with Livefyre. I like CommentLuv, but there’s just something about Livefyre that feels right on a blog comment system, especially one where the audience is social media-savvy. The integration of Twitter and Facebook conversations that Livefyre offers make it the perfect comment partner. :)

  91. says

    Really glad you’re exploring the benefits of using livefyre here.   I’ve been looking at different options and there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner as to the best solution to use.  What I’m still trying to wrap my head around is the irony that comments are supposed to all be nofollow yet livefyre comments generally aren’t.  Ok, well, does that mean everyone using livefyre will get penalized as a result?  Any updates or lessons learned since this post was originally made?

    • says

       @MyTestPrep From the Do-Follow angle, my understanding is Google only cares about low quality sites. If you’re linking to a good site with great content, that’s fine. It’s why I have filters in place that catches deliberate link-bait attempts, and ban those that are clearly just after link juice.

  92. says

    I just added Livefyre and really like it. I used Disqus; however, liked livefyre more because of the links to the last conversation. Now I just need comments, ha-ha! I just started my blog about 2 months ago, so it is still very new. Enjoyed my visit to your site. Excellent post.

  93. says

    After installing Livefyre to my blog, I noticed my PR jumped to 3. It combats spam very well and is dynamic. As noted here, the linkback feature is what I liked most. As a registered user, if you post a comment, your latest post that’s associated with your blog profile will be fetched and displayed underneath the comment.