For me, the best marketing or advertising success stories are exactly that – real stories. People connect with people, and that’s when the magic happens.

Sure, brands and products are important – but if you don’t touch that inner emotion that takes a potential customer from intent to the buying trigger, then you won’t get the sale, simple as.

Israeli creative agency smoyz clearly understand this, as their recent Facebook campaign for Kleenex shows.

The goal was simple – to create buzz around the Kleenex product in Israel using social media. The delivery by smoyz was simple too, when you think about it – Kleenex makes tissues, so let’s find people that need tissues and help them out.

Using Facebook and social search keywords, smoyz soon began to find the target audience on Facebook, and with the help of friends of those targeted, made their winter blues a little bit easier to overcome.

Watch the video below to see how it all happened, and the results that smoyz achieved for their client – they’re pretty impressive (as are the turnaround times for delivery of the Kleenex Feel Good care packages).

Just goes to show, if you create a great story and deliver that to your audience, you’ll get the success you’re looking for.

Simple when you think about it, eh?


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