Hope, Change, Belief – The 12for12k Story and How You Can Be a Part of It

hope change belief and 12for12k

Back at the end of 2008, I had an idea for doing something through social media to help charities.

Thanks to some amazing friends and people like you that supported with your time and donations, that idea turned into a great example of how we can all make change if we really want to.

The 12for12k project has raised over $100,000 for various charities to date – an amazing figure, given the “buy-in” was deliberately low, and the project took an enforced absence during most of 2010 and 2011.

The reason for its success? You, and the power of the crowd when there’s something to believe in. Your support; ideas; donations; awareness and more were crucial in all that 12for12k achieved, and if anything was ever a true team effort, 12for12k was it.

And now I’d love for you to take part again.

I’m currently writing Hope, Change, Belief – The 12for12k Story and the Lessons Non-Profits Can Take From It to Succceed in Social Media, and I’d love for your contributions to help shape it.

Because it will be a story that’s geared towards helping non-profits understand social media and how they can really benefit from it, the book will share the failures of 12for12k as much as it’ll share the successes. After all, we only grow from our mistakes and how we react to them.

To that end, I’d love for your thoughts on what worked and what didn’t work. What did 12for12k do right, and where did it go wrong? What was your overall experience with 12for12k, and what are your memories of the project overall?

Drop me your thoughts via the form below, and I’ll choose a bunch to add to the book’s chapters and upcoming addition to the 12for12k website, with full accreditation. Also, those chosen will receive a free copy when published later this year, and everyone else will receive a special discount code for taking the time to share their thoughts.

I’d really love for Hope, Change, Belief to act as a soundboard and guideline on how to really make the most of social media in the non-profit field, and with your thoughts and honest opinion, I think we can do that.

Thanks, guys, and look forward to reading your words.

PS – And look out for a new goal for 12for12k later this year, it’s going to be fun!

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  1. says

    Well, I wasn’t in so there is nothing I can say except that helping others is always good and benefits also who gives and not only who receives. Also given how it’s done the money raised won’t be used by the charity itself and not for those in need right? As it happens too often.

    Great idea Danny. I’m sure it will rock.

    • says

      Hi Andrea, thank you.

      Yep, the way we worked it was we vetted every charity, and they had to have no more than 10% administrative costs. That way, as much money as possible went to those that needed it the most every time.

  2. says

    Yep, I’m taking time to comment twice. I left you a comment in the form above, but I just want to verbalize how awesome I think you are for doing these projects every year. It’s a shining light in an increasingly blah environment. Mad props to you, sir.

  3. says

    Nice one Danny
    I organise about a dozen collectors for Christian Aid each year so I know how difficult it can be to find the time.

    I complain every year and always say never again, but there I am the following year.

    Hope all goes well Danny

    • says

      Kudos to you, mate, and I feel you on the “Never again” – but then you see how it makes a difference, and that’s all that matters. :)

    • says

      Well thank you for ding it every year even if you do complain and say never again,

      I don’t do anything as grand as what you guys are talking about, I do notice at the local level with church it’s always the same group doing everything.

      80/20 or higher rule applies to all areas of life unfortunately.

      Also thanks to you as well Danny the world needs more people like you guys.

  4. says

    You’ve gained a new-found respect with me, Danny. I find people who choose to help other people refreshing. Especially in today’s society, where most are simply trying to get it all and share it with no one.

    My grandmother who was a very wise lady and taught me many wonderful lessons that have benefited me today, used to tell me all the time, “When you go through life with your hands always shut, you can’t make room for anything else to be placed in it.”

    You, my friend, apparently know this and practice it. Great job! :)

    • says

      Wow, Deeone, that’s an awesome piece of advice from your grandmother – wise lady indeed, and I think I’ll be pinning that to my office wall.

      Cheers, sir!