The Only Pinterest Post You’ll Ever Need to Read – EVER!

Unless you’ve been living under a social rock in the last few weeks, you’ll have seen about a trazillion blog posts about Pinterest.

If you are one of these rock-dwellers, here’s the skinny on Pinterest – it’s a picture board (kinda like the cork boards you have in the kitchen) where you can “pin” your favourite images, and share with your Pinterest friends.

It’s actually been around for just under two years, but recently exploded in users. Cue the requisite blog posts, and now books on how to use this phenomenon for [insert pretty much any topic here, but especially if it includes the words “MARKETING”, “BRANDING” or “BUSINESS”].

While there’s no doubt Pinterest can be used for more than just friendly and social pinning, do we really need the huge glut of words being written (and yes, I see the irony of this very post here)?

Go to Amazon and type in “Pinterest” and you get 25 results in the books section.

Titles like “Pinterest for Dummies” (seems an oxymoron), “Pinterest Marketing Bible”“Learn Pinterest Secrets $$$”, etc…

Now, I haven’t read the books and I’m sure the authors have great stuff they want to share – but 25 books this year alone?

Maybe. We’ll have to wait until the books are released to be sure. So, just in case you can’t wait until then, here’s the Ultimate Pinterest Guide to get you started AND continuing to use Pinterest.

Maybe I’ll submit to Amazon… 😉

The only Pinterest guide you'll ever need

  • Full credit to my friend Liz Scherer for the three steps guideline used in the image for this post.
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  1. margieclayman says

    The shocking thing is that I have seen promotions for a $139 webinar about Pinterest already. That seems just beyond cruel. On many levels.

  2. letsnurture says

    @GiseleNMendez every time when I read ur tweet first thing strikes is how do u manage to tweet when u r drinking coffee all the time :)

  3. jasonsputnik says

    @ScarlettaMedia Still can’t get over feeling that Pinterest is just a posh version of Facebook likes.

    • ScarlettaMedia says

      @jasonsputnik I like it but more for image ideas, than work stuff. Might be good to share some work?

  4. says

    Ha Ha! My response to your post is something that I just repinned this morning:
    Thank you Pinterest for helping me feel CREATIVE even though I’ve really been sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours.

  5. says

    LOL Danny.  Here I thought you were going to share some great secret!
    Wow, where have I been, just seeing your new design. It is clean, I miss the pic at the top of you Danny! And I see you are back to Livefyre. Is this the 3rd time back? Or 2nd?
    Take care,Rajka

    • says

       @ExpatDoctorMom Thanks, miss – yeah, I decided a makeover was in order for the Spring, and I liked the fact that the simple approach left the concentration on the content.
      And yes, Livefyre back for keeps this time. Unless they don’t pay up with the Scotch… 😉

  6. says

    Thank you sir; as the ‘just show up’ guy this is the kind of instructional information I can follow. I currently have 4 photos I have pinned but now that I am armed with this information well, Katie bar the door. 
    Thanks for sharing……….

  7. CASUDI says

    I determined after about two weeks that my Architectural Design clients were not on Pinterest, though West Elm’s were. However, I had a lot of fun doing this. You have to admit the hype, buzz surrounding it all is quite phenomenal, and along with this the most unlikely people deciding it is the end all for their business and building sustainable communities online. I am continually asking…. do you really think your audience, your customers or clients are is on Pinterest?
    This is my favorite Pinterest post.

  8. says

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! I have thought it myself, Danny. How many post do we need on how to use Pinterest! Pick an image, pin, repeat… GENIUS! Love it! 😀 Why does that take 500+ words… or even a book. Elementary dear boy, Elementary. 

  9. SMSJOE says

    Funny and true – mercifully a brief post though I don’t see your Follow me on Pinterest  Button. 😉

  10. mark ivey says

    Darn it Danny, you just blew out my “740 Pinterest Tips” book proposal! Also all those social media gurus trying to sell a new service are screwed. Thanks for summing it up. Brilliantly. 

    • says

       @mark ivey I’m sure there are still a few publishers that will snap that book up, mate, especially with that amount of tips.
      Remember, 2012 is the year of Big Data!! And you don’t get much bigger than 740 (well, apart from 741 upwards, but that’s by the by…).

      • danieldoherty says

         @DannyBrown  @geoffliving Ok well this was everything I could think of and find to write and link together about Google + am sure Danny could have explained it to me in 5 slides…

        • says

           @danieldoherty  @DannyBrown  @geoffliving #googleplus for Business is only useful from an SEO perspective now. It’s pretty much a link farm as Google has made it difficult to develop a following and thus, interact and engage with your audience. Unless you’re a big brand, best to sit tight for a bit. #fb is far ahead of #googleplus when it comes to social business interaction that isn’t ads.
          From an individual standpoint, Google+ is excellent. You’re really better off as an individual page than a business page at this point.

        • says

           @econwriter5  @danieldoherty  @geoffliving It does seem counter-intuitive to offer brand pages, but you can’t actively add folks to it yourself. Umm….

    • danieldoherty says

      Ok signed up and this was my first thing I pinned
      Do I get brownie points if it is the only thing I Pin?

      • danieldoherty says

         @DannyBrown No probs been resisting Pinterest for 2 weeks, thought I’d have to buy a book or something…

  11. says

    Puppies, kittens, cute sleeping babies. Let’s leave it at that, yes? The social media “strategists” have already f*cked up the other platforms with self-indulgent social media hyperbole. Can’t they keep their smarmy infographics out of Pinterest?Fortunately, the world’s gonna end in December anyway so who cares? 

  12. jarrodgalm says

    @AskAaronLee I’d be nervous about pinning too many photos. Have you read their TOS? Could be liable for copyright violations.

    • AskAaronLee says

      @jarrodgalm yup! I did. Then again aren’t people sharing photos on Facebook too just like how they are pinning them? :-)

      • jarrodgalm says

        @AskAaronLee yes, but if Pinterest gets sued for content you post, you have to pay their legal bills.

      • CathyWebSavvyPR says

        @AskAaronLee Actually Facebook images are thumbnails I believe,whereas Pinterest actually loads the entire image onto their servers

        • AskAaronLee says

          @CathyWebSavvyPR that is quite true, i notice people “saving photos” and sharing them and include “via” page though

  13. ginidietrich says

    I LOVE PINTEREST! I also don’t want our kind ruining it. I was scrolling through my followers last night and there are three companies that just don’t get it. The marketers are ruining it!

    • says

       @ginidietrich “Our kind”? That’s as bad as “you people”..! 😉
      I think @danperezfilms summed it up best in his post over at his site as far as “our kind” goes.

      • says

         @DannyBrown @danperezfilms @ginidietrich our kind ruins everything. I have an ex customer who is a friend says he has a problem with me because I left B2B sales to go into…..ACK…Advertising. I said ‘have you read my blog? Most of my kind hates me’ lol

  14. VortexVisual says

    @karensd Thx – that made me lol – I haven’t succumbed yet – reluctant to add one more online distraction!

  15. says

    Pinterest sure is addictive! It;s really tough to get away once you start seeing the wonderful images and begin pinning them :)
    Guess you really need to set your limits and stop yourself from going overboard!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Mark Longbottom says

    I think i have written 3 billion words ont he subject in discussions already with so many people assuming the frst thing to do is get good SEO and marketing strategies in their first.Takes a good two days usually to get them to do the following:Use Pinterest first and foremost as somewhere to collect things in a place you know where you can find them.If i was talking face to face with these people i would have no voice by now, I love how out of sync newspapers are too only just running large stories.The greatest  global myth, ‘ it’s only women using it’. Don’t these people realise people are using it now maybe more female to male originally. In the UK its 56% to 44% male to female. Again who cares, all you have to do as a person or bbrand is like things and no where they are.  In the meantime other people may understand you and your brand better for doing that, but don’t  hope. Showing what you do and don’t like will help people get their head round how boring you are too.Google must hate it, they tried to pay for hype like this with mega bloggers and still they can’t get any buzz  going.  not surprising really they are always right time wrong place or is it rightplace wrong time?Finally you can tell it works because nobody ever talked about reddit, stumbleupon, digg or delicious like this. Yes there is hype because some idiots are becoming experts but real people are using it to remember what they like and it’s useable those sites aren’t unless you’re a geek, nerd or sci fi travellor.

    • says

       @Mark Longbottom Great reminder about the geographical stats, mate. Sometimes I think publications forget there’s a big wide world outside North America, and often further ahead in the digital space as well.
      That’s what I like about Pinterest – it’s aimless, it’s fun, it’s personal, and there’s no marketing crudsters ruining it. Or at least, there weren’t… 😉

      • Mark Longbottom says

         @DannyBrown it’s mainly happening because people are using it not like you say the marketers and they will be passed by too. It can fun for business and that can benefit them as long as they don’t stop enjoying interacting and start advertising through it.It’s amazing and people globally are connecting and not talking it doesn’t matter.  they might one day and that matters till then they can share things.

  17. erichenao says

    @aimeewoodall @amyvernon @dannybrown RE: Pinterest – honestly I like it as a visual comparison of things i want, don’t care about sharing…

    • AmyVernon says

      @erichenao nothing wrong with Pinterest itself, it’s the “expert” community that’s sprung up around it cc @aimeewoodall @dannybrown

      • aimeewoodall says

        @AmyVernon @erichenao The word expert should just go away. In rare cases, there may be experts, but most people just need to keep learning.

        • erichenao says

          @aimeewoodall @amyvernon Re:Experts – conduits to further learning by enabling others. Have a great day you two!

        • AmyVernon says

          @erichenao No one can be an expert in this stuff. Have expertise? Sure. But it changes too fast for “expert” status @aimeewoodall

        • aimeewoodall says

          @AmyVernon @erichenao I totally agree. Those that can call themselves “experts” are the people that know about things like dinosaur fossils.

  18. says

     @DannyBrown You need to do one of those Copyblogger type “Add this to you site” things with this thought.
    Speaking from my American Generational Nomenclature… this simple thought is Gangster.

  19. janebinnion says

    Ha, brilliant. I have to say I was confused as to why there was such a fuss about it. It’s very nice and I can easily waste an hour on there but…. :)

    • says

       @janebinnion Exactly. It’s fun but 25 books? That’s more than the Bible! Oh wait, that’s right – there’s a Pinterest Bible book… 😉

  20. says

    😀 Wonderful and brilliant post Danny, also because you said everything needed about using Pinterest, and for free! Thumbs up! But I doubt you can sell it on Amazon. :)

  21. Leon says

    G’Day Danny,
    You’re a genius. First time I’ve ever seen clear and unambiguous instruction on the web!  I was considering posting my picture on Pinterest. But I’ve decided to save that for Uglerest. 
    And go easy on Gini. She’s lonely
    Have even more fun.

  22. says

    Wow! I haven’t heard about the importance of Pinterest from the marketing aspect, but it seems to be a really nice tool for social marketing as well. Thanks for the idea, I think it’s time to create my Pinterest account!

    • Mark Longbottom says

      Julietry this post56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest consider yurself as a person even in business and t makes more sense about how you use the platofmr, so many just see $ signs and are back to sad old broadcasting.  Best to show what your business is about throough the boards. Sorry Danny shouldn’t have said a ll that but it should be shared, instead of  people assuming its negative technology. let them use Digg i say haha

    • Mark Longbottom says

      Julietry this post 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest consider yourself as a person even in business and t makes more sense about how you use the platofmr, so many just see $ signs and are back to sad old broadcasting.  Best to show what your business is about throough the boards. Sorry Danny shouldn’t have said a ll that but it should be shared, instead of  people assuming its negative technology. let them use Digg I say haha

  23. says

    I just laughed so hard spit my soda through my nose all over my laptop.
    Now I am creating an invoice for my destroyed soaking laptop
    Lucky I have a cheap Acer. Do I invoice Jugnoo or @DannyBrown ?
    Taking picture of invoice.
    Posting invoice on my website.
    Pinning invoice to my Danny Brown Board.
     @ginidietrich just repinned it.
    Her 12,978 followers just repinned it.
    Where is my money! Waits by mail box wishing @DannyBrown had a paypal account.
    Calls MSchechter to round up the NY Jewish Mafia to go after Danny.
    I want my $2 Danny! And make that Canadian!

    • says

       @HowieSPM  @ginidietrich  MSchechter You were doing well until you mentioned Acer… 😉
      Get Shrek to send you a new iPad, seemingly he has a special Asskisser deal with Apple… 😉

  24. fairuse says

    @skypulsemedia Can I get a money back guarantee I click that link only to find out the “only pinterest post” directs me to “mystery link”?

  25. says

    Looks like a good site to potentially drive up some traffic to your own site through marketing/advertising, will definitely have to look further into it.

  26. BTRIPP says

    You forgot:
    Step 4: Pay Pinterest’s legal fees when you and they are sued by the copyright owners of the images appropriated in steps 1-3.

    • YourArtDirector says

       @BTRIPP oh no, you agree the images is yours in their terms, so you’ll get sued not them.

    • says

       @BTRIPP I was hoping to leave that part out for the experts in the books to carry… 😉
      Seriously, though, it is a contentious point and one that needs to be adhered to. In a way, I can’t see the majority of the fuss, as I know many artists and photographers who are happy for the extra traffic and sales.
      The trick is to make your content Creative Commons (as far as Pinning goes) – especially online, where there are so many options to get stuff for free. Make you premium items easier to find and tease with help from others.

  27. newyorksys says

    This post has a lot of importance to the people…I hope you can continue to inspire and post more of this…Thanks <a href=””> Online Training</a>!

  28. says

    Wow, that’s what I’ve been doing. But I figured that it should be more. I have no idea how people drive massvie traffic from Pinterest. But I love the idea that it’s all about the content / images.

    • says

       @Jens Funnily enough, we were talking about this yesterday at Fisher College of Business in Columbus. The brands that don’t try and force traffic and think more creatively are definitely the ones that will succeed.
      Or, they could just leave Pinterest alone and have it remain the cool place it is, without brand and marketing intrusion. 😉

  29. alizasherman says

    @ariherzog @dannybrown Ah, he’s wrong about @pinterest but that’s okay. I love it when the smart folks are looking away. Good opportunities.

    • DannyBrown says

      @alizasherman @ariherzog Except I wasn’t on about Pinterest itself, but the crazy amount of “expert books” crawling out the woodwork… 😉

      • alizasherman says

        @DannyBrown There is a big blurring now with so many people self-publishing e-books to position themselves as “experts” @ariherzog

        • DannyBrown says

          @alizasherman @ariherzog Agreed. And with so many desperate for “advice”, a lot of willing victims to sell to…

        • ariherzog says

          @alizasherman @DannyBrown Fact is, there’s no reason for a @pinterest book to hit the shelves now. It’s not as if the app is new.

    • says

       @mbredl What about them? 😉
      That’s meat for a serious post, and there are some good ones out there about this. My own take is (and speaking with artist friends, for example), they happily allow Pins, because it raises awaresness of their work (and has led to sales).
      It’s why I make this blog open via Creative Commons – the more content that’s allowed to be freely shared, the more eyeballs you receive. You just need to make sure you state how it’s shared.

  30. DannyBrown says

    @joeldon Yeah, but they’re trying to score your dollars and position themselves as go-to experts … 😉

  31. says

    I have spoke to an artist who strongly dislikes Pinterest. She said that once her work is pinned, Pinterest has full rights to all of her work. They can modify it and do whatever they want with it, she looses all control. She doesn’t want her work on there at all and has since deleted her account completely.

  32. DannyBrown says

    @southsideadguy Cheers sir. And noticed we’re essentially neighbours in downtown TO, we need to hook up :) @skypulsemedia

    • skypulsemedia says

      @dannybrown @SouthsideAdguy you didn’t know each other? Anthony rocks the @senecacr8tive and is very powerful in T-Town. So is @satisfeye

      • DannyBrown says

        @skypulsemedia @SouthsideAdguy @SenecaCr8tive @satisfeye I’m sure we met when i talked at Seneca cola years back but not 100% sure

        • skypulsemedia says

          @dannybrown I bet @satisfeye was the one asking you all the hard questions you couldn’t answer @SouthsideAdguy