The Art of Growing Up in Public as @JugnooMe v2.0 is Released

JugnooMe social media dashboard

Tuesday April 17 was a big day for JugnooMe, the social business platform from parent company Jugnoo, as we launched a major update to the platform.

Originally launched as a private beta late last year, we’ve come a long way since these early days. A lot of this has been by listening to the feedback of our early beta users, as well as monitoring social media channels to understand the pain points of our target audience(s).

Couple that with a very cool and agile team that’s focused on bringing the most kick-ass social media all-in-one solution to market, and yesterday’s release was a very big step in the Jugnoo journey.

So, what is JugnooMe and what are these new features? Let’s begin.

The JugnooMe Vision

In a nutshell, JugnooMe is simply a way of bringing all the best features of various social media tools on the market today, and having them all live under a single, unified dashboard.

This then helps business owners that struggle with time and resources to manage their time more effectively, which results in them being able to focus more on ther core business and make profits.


It also helps the solo entrepreneur, the blogger, the stay-at-home parents, the franchisors, the non-profits and more be far more effective in their own use of social media, from content creation to distribution and measuring.

Simply put, we’re here to help anyone make the social web simple, accessible and monetizable. Because at the end of the day, while followers and friends are great, the mortgage people don’t let us pay for our homes by retweets…

JugnooMe is the first salvo in this overall goal of Jugnoo’s – there’s much more to come, but for now we’re solely concentrating on our social media dashboard offerings. Which brings us to the update.

JugnooMe 2.0 – More Than Just an Update

For anyone that used our early beta, the change is a pretty big one from that platform. But then, that’s to be expected for any company that wants to grow properly, as opposed to just turning up and hoping early buzz will be enough to gain you success.

For me, personally, it’s the difference between watching a young child struggle to find their balance and a confident youngster that throws away the training wheels on their new bike.

Yes, I’m incredibly biased, but I’m also incredibly proud of the whole team here and the strides they’ve taken. For example:

New and Improved User Interface and Navigation

Our design team completely revamped the experience inside the dashboard, and made the navigation a lot more user-friendly and intuitive. The side navigation is (currently) broken down into two key areas, Activity and Apps. This helps you get straight to the area that matters to you the most.

Jugnoo navigation

Our minimized top navigation keeps everything simple and uncluttered, and is more for the maintenance area of your experience, including setting up your business details, websites, social keywords and more.

It’s a far cry from our first iteration and kudos to our designers for the makeover.

It’s All About the Apps, Baby!

As JugnooMe continues our journey to help make social media simple for everyone, one of the ways we’re going to achieve this is by an apps-based system.

Jugnoo apps

While I can’t go into too much detail here, since it’s proprietary and includes some cool new features scheduled for the next update, we want to make the JugnooMe experience your experience.

So, while we might offer X amount of solutions, you would only find benefit from a few. Instead of us cluttering up your dashboard, you now just have the apps that make sense to you.

This could be Social Dashboard, Analytics, Facebook Promotions and Video tools.

We think it’s a more elegant approach and also allows users to create their own plans as we introduce our premium solutions in the next couple of months (the beta of JugnooMe is currently free for everyone to use).

Currently the apps are all active, but the option to pick and choose is most definitely in the schedule for the next iteration.

Social Sentiment Beta

As human beings, we all want to be liked. We can say we don’t, and feign indifference, but criticism often stings while love and cookies make us smile (I think that’s the right comparison). Anyhoo…

Social media users are no different, and one of the ways to gauge whether we’re viewed as cookies or crankies is by sentiment analysis. This lets us know if we’re seen in a positive, negative or neutral light.

As part of this new JugnooMe release, we’ve opened up our sentiment engine (beta version) to our users, to help us educate the algorithm better for your needs.

Social search sentiment

This will allow you a simple overview of the sentiment behind a tweet or Facebook update, and reply immediately from within the dashboard area.

Our future sentiment engine will also include forums, blogs and other social networks, and offer more interactive features to help you protect your brand reputation whether you’re a business or solo professional. For now, though, it gives you an idea of where we’re going.

Facebook Promotions

While we’ve always had Facebook Promotions from the start in the form of simple coupons for special offers, we’ve significantly increased the number of templates available.

Additionally, you can also create a Facebook Slideshow app, complete with product/service description and URL to your dedicated sales page or store. The Slideshow sits on a tab on your Facebook Page, and you can create as many slideshows as you wish (for multiple products or storefronts).

Again, this is one of our new beta features and is just the start – look out for more Facebook apps in future releases.

Video Killed the Radio Star

At least, it did according to The Buggles. However, even though we know radio is still alive and well, there’s nothing quite like a cool promo video to either highlight your business, brand, products, events or more.

With this in mind, our updated SVM – social video marketing – platform now has more templates than ever before, ranging from Property (perfect for realtors) to Consultant (agency videos), Spotlight B&W (ideal for portfolios) to Simple (great for invites or special events).

Social video marketing

We’ll be continuing to add templates with each new release, and may even drop the odd new one is just as a surprise in-between releases!

Statistics and More Statistics!

If there’s one thing we pretty much all agree on, it’s that it’s always nice to have a quick overview of just how you or your business is performing. Sure, individual stats and reports are cool, but a one-pager can be even cooler when in a rush.

Our new Activity Landing Page has a simple yet effective collection of your most important information – Social Search results (including sentiment), Website Analytics, Twitter statistics (for now) and Tasks (not as evil as they sound, but quick tips to get you more effective with our platform and social media).

Social media dashboard activity

From there, you can dive into the areas you need more information on, and then make the necessary changes to be more effective and share online via our universal J-Post option, that allows you to update your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Posterous accounts.

It’s Cool But It’s Just the Beginning

These are just some of the main features in the new update. There are more inside – the ability to make default posting profiles (if you use more networks than others) as well as an optional social media plugin in the shape of a toolbar you can display on your website.

This lets visitors share your content as well as connect with you by email or visit your storefront. If you don’t have a business but still want to use the plugin, you can choose not to display your contact or Google Map information.

Note: If you do use the toolbar, it’s currently ad-supported (meaning pop-up ads will display briefly from the plugin). Future versions will allow paid opt-out or ad partnership options.

To say this is a major update would be an understatement – we really have released what is essentially a new product altogether. But it’s just the start.

We have a very aggressive release schedule for the rest of this year, including coming out of beta once our solutions are locked down, with some very cool features and tools coming your way that you won’t find anywhere else (promise!).

Add to that a huge social media event that Jugnoo is hosting in the fine city of Toronto this July (more details very soon!) and we’re definitely looking to make our statement about who we are and where we want to be.

And that includes you every step of the way. We’re always listening to feedback and this release is a result of that – and we’re not going to stop listening. We really want to make a platform that anyone and everyone can use, and want to use because it’s geared towards them.

Ready to have a look at JugnooMe? Check out our video below for a clearer idea on how we can help the everyday business owner, then hop on over to our sign-up page and we’ll get you onboard sharpish – see you on the other side!

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  1. says

    Congratultions indeed!
    This sure is wonderful news, and though I had signed up for the Beta version last year I didn’t really know about all these wonderful features that time.
    Great going Danny! Heading over to give it a look now, and I loved the video – said a lot. :)

  2. says

    Congratulations indeed!
    This sure is wonderful news, and though I had signed up for the Beta version last year I didn’t really know about all these wonderful features that time.
    Great going Danny! Heading over to give it a look now, and I loved the video – said a lot. :)

    • says

       @RobertDempsey Cheers, mate – we’re really happy with the way the product’s coming, and always improving with each new release. And if analytics are your bag, wait until you see what’s heading you way soon… 😉

  3. says

    Looks awesome Danny – I’ve been meaning to get an account set up since you started with JugnooMe and will be doing so soon. I still have your first announcement email from February in my email box – geesh!
    Thanks for the update, I hope the family is all good and healthy : )
    Cheers mate!

    • says

       @Mark_Harai Hey there mate,
      Haha, no worries – this is such a big jump from v1.0 that it’s better you start here, anyhoo. :)
      Let us know what you think, we’re always keen to make the product better with each release – cheers, sir!

  4. says

    Just tried installing it and I’m still scratching my head over why it ain’t working on a self hosted wordpress site.  Pity. might try it again, someday when I have 5 minutes to spare, probably far far away in the future. :(

    • says

       @justinparks I only “Liked” this comment as it’s always nice seeing an Irishman here. :)
      Saw the email thread between you and Julie mate (I’m on vacation at the minute), so glad that was sorted and will definitely take your suggestions on board for the next release.
      Cheers, sir!

  5. says

    I’m in it, as you know, and even if I haven’t used it so much, mainly for lack of time, I’m planning to do this soon. Not for FB but for the rest. It might be I’m more a Twitter-Type. Just to add my two cents I would definitely go for an ad sharing option with bloggers and to have the possibility to use the toolbar on the sidebar.
    Knowing this is under your wings is, imho, a guarantee that it will be a truly useful service for users. Find a way for JugnooMe to be used for traffic in place of Google and you’ll even win over FB, with time. 😉

    • says

       @Andrea H. | The Hypnotism Weekly Thanks, Andrea! We’ve had a lot of really great feedback on this version and we certainly aim high. Thanks so much for your ongoing support, we really appreciate it! :)

    • says

       @Andrea H. | The Hypnotism Weekly Hey there Andrea,
      Oh, for sure, we’ll definitely be looking at how we can partner with bloggers as well as just businesses – after all, I’m a blogger myself so I know how effective proper ad partnering can be. So definitely in the pipeline, maybe sooner than expected!
      As far as taking on Google and Facebook? Well, let’s just say we have something funky planned that should surprise a lot of people in the e-commerce space and show how to do it property for everyone involved. Stay tuned! 😉

  6. says

    Just signed in and sent a tweet from the new interface.
    The image sizes are just about right.
    Can you schedule tweets?
    I didn’t spot anything.

    • says

       @wmwebdes Hi there! We currently do not have the ability to schedule tweets but that will be coming in a future release. It’s definitely a great feature to have – thanks for your feedback! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for JugnooMe, please feel free to drop me a line anytime at Cheers!

    • says

       @wmwebdes Hi mate,
      As @JulieTyios mentions, Scheduled Tweets is definitely in the near future hopper, as are a lot of other cool social media-specific features – I think you’ll like where we’re taking it. :)

  7. says

    This sounds like a very cool new interface, Danny! I can certainly see how it would assist businesses in getting the word out on their products and services. I’ve only tried one other platform such as this one, and I found that the whole thing was just a bit busy for my liking. I will be looking into JugnooMe to see if it’s a better fit for me. Thanks! BTW, Great video! It’s all about the images for me, and that rocked! :)

    • says

       @Deeone Higgs Hey there Deeone,
      Great to see you over here, mate, and appreciate the support sir. Would love to see you testing the platform and letting us know likes and dislikes – that’s the only way we grow, after all!
      Cheers again, sir!

    • says

       @Deeone Higgs
       I’m currently using MarketMeSuite – easy to use and nice big icons to spot followers etc, but… they are releasing a new version and the icons are…. tiny!
      Tweetdeck lacks any sort of functionality so I’m starting to play with Hootsuite, which has great functions, but not so big icons.
      Lots of platforms, but none of them perfect.
      You guys might just sneak in there.

      • says

         @wmwebdes  @Deeone Higgs Huge fan of hootsuite – a great example of a company that does things right and respects its users into the bargain. If we can stand alongside these guys as making products *for* our users, I’ll be a happy camper. :)

  8. belllindsay says

    I do a mean “Video Killed The Radio Star” at Karaoke DannyBrown – you have been warned. Super post, as always. 😀

  9. says

    Well, I’m in but probably not your ideal tester. However, I will give it a run; it looks pretty usable that even a knucklehead like me can use……..

    • says

       @dangerden Hey there Dan,
      Thanks – that was our in-house media team that created the video, so I’ll pass on the praise. And thanks for checking us out, feel free to send any feedback/suggestions to – we have some new features being released in the next 3-4 weeks, I think you’ll like!