A Simple Guide to Reddit for Marketers (#Infographic)

For many people, social news website Reddit was something they’d never heard of. That changed on 29 August, when President Obama took to Reddit to answer questions around his policies.

The ensuing news frenzy and interest crashed Reddit – and no wonder. Today, the stats show the event had over 2 million readers, 25,500 comments and over 10,000 users still active on the post.

Crazy – yet for anyone that’s used Reddit before then, it shouldn’t be. Described as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit has become the standard for breaking news and in-depth analysis of events as much as it has for its irrelevant humour and postings.

Now marketers are starting to look at Reddit and, while this is potentially another crap attempt to monetize a platform that’s not in that mindset, it’s understandable why businesses are looking Reddit’s way.

To help those new to Reddit understand its popularity, as well as best practices for the site, Prestige Marketing Inc. has created this handy infographic with some of the cooler stats and background on Reddit.

Enjoy – but just don’t be surprised if you try integrate yourself with Reddit and receive a big fat silence in return…

The Reddit Marketing Field Guide [Infographic]

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