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Which brings us to this week’s Sunday Share.

Every week, I’ll be sharing a presentation that catches my eye and where I feel you might be interested in the information inside. These will range from business to content to social media to marketing and more.

This week, an excellent Slideshare from writer and illustrator Veronica Maria Jarski, as part of the MarketingProfs educational content series.

This presentation is in response to the recent announcement from Yahoo’s CEO that remote working would no longer be allowed, and all employees would work at their regional offices

It’s short, very cute and makes some very valid points.



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  1. says

    I think VP/Sales all over the world must be shaking their head at this ‘Yahoo uproar;’  sales forces, for the most part, have been ‘remote’ employees for YEARS. And, one could argue, they are the most integral part of most companies – without the sales, no one has a job.
    Of course when I was hiring sales reps who would be autonomous – many I only traveled with a couple times a year – I would make sure that they were capable of being independent, using time wisely, using TECHNOLOGY that was helpful etc.  I think it’s all much ado about nothing, really.

    • says

      AmyMccTobin Exactly, Amy. People will take advantage regardless of location, if they feel they can get away with it. Location doesn’t make a better worker – culture, leadership and teamwork do. And you don’t necessarily have to be in an office environment for that to happen.

      • says

        Danny Brown AmyMccTobin Thats a great information , I learn so much information from you all.I really want to read the book immediately.

  2. mclaudeyor says

    @MartinGagnier @dannybrown Great source of info. Txs for sharing. Unfortunately, the debate about the pros of #teleworking is still on.

  3. Neicolec says

    This presentation is right on. I think Yahoo’s new CEO is out of touch–which is crazy for a company that is entirely focused online. I’ve been working at home for most of the last four years, probably averaging in-person meetings three times a month. I’ve worked on many projects for companies largeand small, including lots of projects for a large software company in Redmond. I’ve worked with other remote users much of the time, including projects that were highly collaborative, such as defining requirements and the design for software products. Telecommuting works.

    • says

      Neicolec Completely agree that telecommuting and remote employees work well, Neicole. Where I think Mayer is coming from (and this comes from talking with a lot of current and former Yahoo employees) is the system as it stands was being abused heavily. It’s also one – along with bad decisions and poor management – that’s led to Yahoo being where they are today.
      While the crux of her email may be questionable, perhaps this tough decision was needed to try and rectify the Yahoo ship? I guess time will tell on that.

      • Neicolec says

        @dannybrown I wonder if that has more to do with the quality of the people they are hiring than the system itself…

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  5. rkt7997 says

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  6. says

    Seems to me that in the case of the Yahoo people enough of the “misconceptions” were actually reality to warrant making the change.
    In any event, Yahoo has been in such a funk (shame they didn’t take the Microsoft $$ when it was offered, eh?) that it really needs a major shake up. It will be interesting to see if other businesses decide this is all a good idea and jump on the anti-telecommuting bandwagon.
    I had to laugh earlier this week when I saw a comment (wish I could remember where) that Ms. Mayer should be the next president because she’s the only person who can get all the slackers back to work!
    Hey DB, you changed the bloody comment thingy again or am I imagining it?

    • says

      @David That’s the thing, mate – only Mayer and those around her know the decisions that had to be made and, by the sounds of it from former Yahoo employees, this was one of those that had to be made. Whether it works or not is another thing altogether, of course.
      No, same old comments, you’re probably stil buzzed from your IPA. 😉  I changed back to Livefyre after experiencing issues with Disqus, and the new Livefyre 3 system (beta in use here) has some great features, mate.

  7. says

    Slice 16 – That’s my day. My dog goes stir crazy when I don’t play with her and I’m always saying “just let me send this email really quick” and it’s never “really quick.” When I first started working from home, my sister said she pictured it like a permanent vacation. Yeah, not even close! Love the slides, thanks for sharing Danny!

  8. JenniferAS says

    Slide 13. I am able to come up with ideas when I am not in a meeting. Execution is easier when you are in front of the computer.

  9. says

    Slide 1 is oh so true. I work from home sometimes and i have to use a google plugin to restrict myself from accessing social media websites. Bear in mind i can disable it whenever i  choose to 😐

  10. says

    Most of my friends and family think that all I do is chill. Not true! I get so preoccupied with work that I’m always tempted to skip lunch. Love the slides!