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This week, an inspiring presentation from Edahn Small, founder of presentation design firm Visuali.se.

In recent years, the Catholic church has come under intense scrutiny over the way it’s run, its exclusion of same-sex marriages, and abuse by its priests of young children. It was into this atmosphere the new Pope, Francis, came into office in early 2013.

I’m not a religious man, but even from my outside view, it’s been inspiring to see how this new Pope has set out to not only reform the Catholic church, but how humanity treats each other in the bigger picture.


image: Catholic Church England and Wales

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Danny Brown
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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Share: 12 Inspiring Quotes from Pope Francis in 2013

  1. This Pope seems so different than his predecessor in that he just exemplifies humility and authenticity. In social media he cuts through the chaff by his own behaviour; that you cannot contrive. He is a pretty good influence marketer of his ideas.

    1. Agreed, mate. When you can turn cynics into optimists and have people of all denominations (and even those without religious beliefs) talking about you positively, you know something special is happening.

      Here’s hoping it’s the start of a true turning point, and not just a blip in the ongoing “program”. I guess the real story will happen once Francis’s time is up, and we see if the message is a bigger one, or just one man’s goal.

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