Selfie culture

As a business resource, Slideshare stands pretty much head and shoulders above most other content platforms.

From presentations to educational content and more, you can find information and curated media on pretty much any topic you have an interest in.

As a research solution, Slideshare offers analysis from some of the smartest minds on the web across all verticals.

These include standard presentations, videos, multimedia and more.

Which brings us to this week’s Sunday Share.

Every week, I’ll be sharing a presentation that catches my eye and where I feel you might be interested in the information inside. These will range from business to content to social media to marketing and more.

This week, an interesting look at the culture of “selfies” from Tim Stock, Managing Partner at scenarioDNA.

The rise in popularity of photo apps like Instagram has created a new culture – the selfie (self portraits taken in a variety of environments and poses). This presentation takes a look into the mindsets of selfie afficionados.


image: Billy Abbott

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3 Comments on "The Sunday Share: Analyzing the Culture of Selfies"

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4 months 7 days ago

[…] The Sunday Share: Analyzing the Culture of Selfies | via Danny Brown. […]

Danny Brown
1 year 3 months ago

James_Madison Well I’d be too scared of breaking the camera, not sure there’s a filter built to soften up craggy Scottish faces. :)

1 year 3 months ago

Good share as always, Danny. I must admit, I don’t understand the popularity of selfies – it just seems a cry for attention to me.