What attracts you more – an image in a magazine or a 400-word text advertisement?

Do you prefer short blog posts or longer ones?

Do you watch short movies on YouTube, or longer?

Do you prefer a one-sheet menu or a multi-page one at a restaurant?

At a bar, is your preference for 100 bottles of liquor to choose from or a more specific collection?

We spend a lot of our lives making decisions on decisions. We look at multiple choices and then wonder if we picked the right one after all. Doubt creeps into our minds, and no-one likes to doubt their decision.

Do we need so much choice all the time?

Do your customers, your blog visitors, your newspaper readers, your immediate connections need that amount of choice? They come to you for a reason – should you potentially dilute that reason with too much choice?

Don’t get me wrong – choice is good. Choice stops us from stagnating. But are we choosing to offer too much choice at times?

image: vanhookc

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