We worry about the smallest things.

We worry if our boss will like us. We worry if our colleagues will like us. We worry if our online “friends” will like us.

We worry.

But the truth of the matter is, we worry about the little things. We worry about peers; about colleagues; about promotions; about the little things.

Now to some of us, we may worry about big things. But, unless it’s life-changing, how big is that worry? Truly?

Want to see real worry? Here you go.


image: Len Matthews

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  1. says

    That’s a wonderful clip! I am sure there was a lot to worry about as he and his brother were growing up and yes, this sort of thing makes a lot of our day to day cares and woes pale into insignificance.  His mother is clearly a very special person.  She’s one of the rare people who see beyond the obvious difficulties and has encouraged her children to be self confident and make the most of their natural talents. So inspiring to see what can be acheived when you just use a bit of “imagination” and make the most of what you have.

  2. says

    MartinGBEdwards Every time I watch this video, I tear up. Every time, mate. It’s like you say – there is so much to love, because the inspiration from everyone involved here is palpable. Here’s to more people in the world like those that share their story in the clip above.

  3. says

    I love this. It’s about perspective. And optimism. And hope. It’s about human potential, and how deeply that potential can be realized in the presence of true love and support. It’s about believing in yourself. Not once was he self-conscious. Not once. And that filled me with joy. It tells me something, somewhere, is working as it should. Thank you for sharing this, Danny.

  4. says

    mickeygomez The lack of self-consciousness is (I think) what makes this most powerful. Clearly he’s been instilled with a sense of belonging, and that he’s simply “Emmanuel”.

  5. says

    Danny Brown mickeygomez not caring what people think of you (within reason of course) is one of the most liberating places one can be but so hard for most of us to achieve.

    My mom was tortured by me over this. But often it is age that brings confidence. But still hard to let go the little things!

  6. says

    Danny Brown mickeygomez I almost didn’t watch the video because its 8 mins and I was thinking oh the X Factor how does this fit in has Danny gone Bieber. So glad I did that was freaking awesome! Thank you Danny.
    Now if only he would sing Black Sabbath next round 😉

  7. says

    Howie Goldfarb Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of reality shows. I used to watch The Voice until I learned about their crappy pre-show contracts, and that put me off completely. But I do like seeing stuff like this, makes up for all the other crud. mickeygomez

  8. EleneCoetzer says

    It is wonderful to see that there is people out there who care more about others than themselves. It is something we all  strive to do but to see it in action is breathtaking. this shows us that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and there is no excuses!