Six Simple Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

There’s a popular misconception that it’s difficult to use targeted metrics to measure your social media ROI. Not true. Nor is social media only good for measuring an increase in brand awareness, although that’s definitely a measurement gauge. The fact is, social media can offer some of the best metrics for measuring your ROI. All […]

THIS Is How You Do Brand Storytelling

One of the current buzz terms being bandied about by businesses today is that of “brand storytelling” – how brands can use storytelling to share their core values, win more customers, and outstrip the competition. Never mind the fact that brand storytelling is as old as the first advertisement (not that that’s ever stopped social […]

5 Ways Business Owners Can Optimize Their Ads for Mobile

Seventy-two percent of small-business owners planned to increase or maintain their mobile ad spend, with 65 percent of these increasing their spending by up to 30 percent, according to a study by Borrell Associates of 1,300 small-business owners. Add to that the fact that Google and Facebook are shifting more of their revenues to mobile, and it’s […]

How You Can Use Native Advertising to Complement Content Marketing

For many business owners, online advertising has traditionally meant banner ads and Pay Per Click campaigns with the likes of Google and Yahoo. While the online space was in its infancy for marketers, this approach was successful. However, in recent years, consumers have become more discerning about how they’re marketed to, and this has resulted […]