The Problem With Making Grandiose Statements

There’s a popular method of content creation, centred around making grandiose statements. These statements, and the blog posts around them, can range from the usual war cries of being more human in business, to posts on transparency and authenticity on the web, to how an “industry” – for want of a better term – like […]

Remember When We Just Hit Publish?

Remember the good old days of blogging? Come up with something to say, write it down, hit Publish, and onto the next piece whenever that came to mind. Now we have to worry about content authority, author rank, Hummingbird, content overkill, content optimization, etc, etc. It seems we spend so much time worrying on the […]

An Open Discussion On Social Media Monitoring and Ethical Data Mining

As a marketer, I’m excited when I see advances in social media monitoring technology and the way we can use tools like text analytics, ontology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to really understand our audience and their behaviours. This level of data mining allows businesses to go way beyond the existing information they have not […]