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The Consequences of Authenticity

Don’t you think it’s bizarre how we aspire to be natural, and yet to be natural takes an unnatural amount of work?

I recall reading a piece on Jessica Alba once, and how she was asked to do a photoshoot for natural skin. Of course, they wanted to plaster all sorts of makeup on her, just to make her look “natural”.

She declined.

I wonder why we feel the need to put masks on, even when the ask is for less masks?

There are always things we don’t want – or need – to see. But for the most part, we should be confident enough in ourselves to open up, consequences be damned.

But maybe it’s the consequences themselves that put people off?

All too often, I’ve seen examples of people being brave and opening up and then being shot down for it, particularly on social media where anonymity and distance equals delusions of power.

It seems to me that we talk a lot about seeking authenticity, but only if it’s authentic by our standards.

Which kinda negates the whole ask to begin with…

Maybe You’re Late For a Good Reason

The other night, I was commuting home on my usual train, and two cyclists got on, a man and a woman (although separately – they weren’t together).

As I sat down in my chair, the male cyclist noticed that the female one was looking a little agitated, and asked her if everything was okay.

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Do Something That Gives You a Tale

Often in life, we sit around waiting for something magical to happen.

We watch movies, or read books, and say to ourselves, “Man, how I wish that could happen to me.” And then we wait.

But we shouldn’t wait around for stuff to happen – we need to make it happen.

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A Blog is Exactly What We Wish It to Be

When I first started blogging “seriously”, it was a continuation of a public relations blog that I had, back in my early solo consultancy days.

The goal was simple – to share thoughts and ideas on social media and where that fit in the business world.

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Do You Want to Be a Better Person, Truly?

When I was younger, I did some horrible things. Some, I didn’t know better because of age.

At least, I’d like to think so. For example, when I was four years old, I threw a tantrum fit while shopping with my pregnant mother. As she told me off, I punched her in the stomach.

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