Stop Scoring Influence, Start Creating Influence Paths

A few months ago, I sat down with┬áSteven Sefton, Digital and Social Media Director for┬áZap Designs, to discuss a variety of topics including the differences in cultural marketing based on location; the changing face of influence; where influence marketing is heading; and much, much more. Although Klout seems to be no more, social scoring is […]

Why The Lithium Deal Highlights Klout’s Failings, But Is Good News for Influence Marketing

In the last couple of days, it was announced that social customer experience company Lithium Technologies would be acquiring social scoring platform Klout for a figure reputed to be around $100 million. If the deal goes through, it’ll be the close of a five year journey for Klout since its inception – a journey that […]

Influence Marketing Vendors Are Letting Influencers and Clients Down

Back in 2009, social media was just starting to become popular for marketers and brands to work with social media power users to promote their services and products. Companies like IZEA saw an opportunity to attract people with large social followings or blog subscribers, and offer them money or free products for access to their […]