If You Want Fierce Loyalty, You Need To Be Fiercely Loyal First

Build fierce loyalty

Loyalty. A funny concept. One that can mean so many different things to different people at different times. Sports teams have loyalty from their fans. Well, the true ones do. Think Manchester City as opposed to Manchester United, where the latter’s “fans” are more interested in prawn sandwiches than a good soccer team. Indie bands […]

The Long Tail Issue for Daily Deal Sites

Groupon repeat business complaints

When daily deal sites like Living Social and Groupon came to the market, many observers looked at it as another nail in the coffin for offline retailing. By bringing huge discounts to consumers via their local business partners, Groupon and others like them would show business a new way to make more money, while bringing […]

Social Media Easter Eggs

How are you offering value to your customers? How is your business doing it differently from your competitors and peers? Are you taking their service and adding a slight twist to it, or are you thinking of ways to separate you from the many other similar approaches that others are using? “Customers” doesn’t necessarily need […]