Today’s Marketer and the Changing Face of Purchase Decisions

As digital and mobile channels continue to pervade ever deeper into today’s business landscape, the challenges facing organizations and their key personnel grows with it. Whereas before, we could create a message and hammer it home to our audiences until it was accepted, now there are multiple channels, factors, disruptors and more that make marketing […]

Empathy is a Social Currency

In their excellent book Humanize, authors Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter share their insights into why a truly successful business needs to take the reasons social media has enjoyed exponential growth as a business imprint, and implement it across the organization. It takes more than simply activating staff on social media and being more “approachable” […]

Special Announcement – Introducing ArCompany

A social business is one that becomes engaged, transparent and nimble. – John Mell, IBM So it’s been a bit of a milestone week. First, I celebrated 1,000 posts here, and my daughter Salem turns one year old today so about to shoot off and get the party ready! And, since these things always seem to happen in three, […]