It’s Not All About The Blog

Blogs and the Honeycomb Model
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Should I have a blog? It’s one of the questions I’m asked most frequently when I sit down with a new client to discuss their online presence.

They’ve seen other blogs – personal and professional – and they’re wondering if they should be part of the party. The answer isn’t always what they expect.

Are you ready to blog?

Okay, so I cheat and ask another question instead of giving them an immediate answer – but sometimes questions are answers.

Blogging is something that you really want to do – it’s not always just about the need. Especially for business blogs. Yes, it’s a great tool for offering a more personal voice to your business. And for building community, it’s priceless.

But only if it’s done with the passion and time it needs.

Look at the most successful capitalist on the planet. Bill Gates has made billions of dollars and built the business he started into one of the leading software companies today. Yet he doesn’t blog, nor does it look like he will anytime soon. (People were asking as far back as 2004 when Gates would start blogging – we’re still waiting).

Of course, you could say that Gates is different from most business owners because of his outreach. And that’s true. Still, if you have the product or service that talks for itself, size is irrelevant – word-of-mouth will spread your message.

So no, you don’t always need a blog. There are many ways to tell the world about you and your product – blogging is just one of them. The biggest mistake to make is to have one because your contemporaries or competitors do.

Getting your message out is key – but how key is it if the words are diluted?

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