Want To Help The Sick Children Hospital Canada?

In the dialysis wardI don’t often ask for your help via this blog. I feel it’s kind of intrusive, and almost like I’m being a pimp. While the snazzy clothes of a pimp might offer me a funky new look, I’m not sure what it would do for my (perceived) street cred. So, no pimping.

However, there’s something I’d really like to ask of you. A small favour that would mean a lot.

I’m in the running to win a contest to choose the tagline for a new publication. The Printed Blog is a pretty cool idea that takes blog posts and transfers them to print. People can then pick up issues and read them like a normal newspaper. It’s a nice way to bring traditional and newer media together.

Anyhoo… The prize for the winner of the contest is a Nintendo Wii. What I’ve decided is that if I win, I’ll donate the Wii to my local Sick Children hospital in Toronto. It’s one of the largest and most respected hospitals worldwide for the care, treatment and research towards kids illnesses. It helps kids locally, nationally and internationally. Basically, it’s an amazing place.

I’d love to help make the lives of these kids a little more fun-filled, and this is where you can help. If you could visit The Printed Blog’s competition page and vote for my entry, that would be cool. It’s the one that says, “Your Voice. Our Voice. One Voice.”

Voting ends on Thursday February 26 at 11.59pm Eastern. Thanks to some great support via Twitter, Facebook and email so far, I’ve jumped into the lead. Now the task is to try and stay there until voting ends.

If you have a spare 5-10 seconds and you don’t mind helping, would you mind visiting and casting your vote? No registration needed – a simple button click and you’re done.

I’d love to be able to go to the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto and hand over a brand new shiny Wii. I’d love your help to make that happen. Thanks for reading, and fingers crossed!

  • Updated Friday February 27 – Thanks to the immense support and votes of the Twitter community, as well as Facebook and email, I’m delighted to announce my tagline won! Thanks to everyone who voted and I look forward to handing over the Wii to the hospital when it arrives.

Creative Commons License photo credit: delayed gratification

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