The Social Media Drinking Game

IMG_25581The weekend’s almost here, and for the U.S. it’s the Fourth of July weekend.

So, in honour of that and to help your weekend get off to a flier let me introduce the Social Media Drinking Game. It’s ideal for long drunken sessions or short thirst quenchers – or even both at once.

And if you’re not celebrating Independence Day this weekend – join in the fun anyway!

The rules are simple – just follow the instructions below. And remember to leave the car keys at home!

  • If you hear the phrase “echo chamber”, have a full glass of beer. You may hear this a lot and being drunk and comatose will help you get by.
  • If you’re dissed by Amanda Chapel… actually, you get nothing. This isn’t a challenge at all.
  • Every time Mashable does a Twitter story, have a shot of chilled vodka. Be prepared to get very drunk.
  • If Brian Solis writes a blog post less than 1,000 words, have some champagne. This deserves a special drink.
  • For every Twitter profile that has “guru”, “ninja”, “jedi”, “expert” or “master” in it, have a Jack Daniel’s and coke. The soft drink might just keep you going longer.
  • If someone is speaking at the equivalent of a conference a month on the same topic to the same audience, have a single malt Scotch.

Okay, these are just some to get you started. What others would you add to the cocktail?

Note – this is just a bit of fun to lead into the weekend; don’t take it too seriously. The majority of people on here I respect immensely. Happy Fourth of July!

Creative Commons License photo credit: mark sebastian

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