Do Bloggers Make Good Authors?

After a period of separation the water tanks decided to organize a reunionHow many of you have read Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s Trust Agents? Or Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation ? Or Now is Gone by Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis? Or


Here’s another question.

How many of you that have read (or plan to read) these books also read the aforementioned authors’ blogs? Now ask yourself one more question.

If you read the blog long before the book, did you learn anything truly new?

I ask not from a disrespectful view – I admire each and every one of these guys for different reasons, and for how they’ve helped move PR, marketing and the digital space forward via their thinking. Every one of them has a (usually) outstanding blog where you can find great information and maps on how to move you and your business forward.

But reading their books, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d already read the content over at their blogs. Even though I enjoyed the printed text, it felt like the digital version had been there first.

Which makes me wonder two things.

Are the authors looking for a new audience from their regular blog readers? And if not, if the audience is a mix of existing and new, do bloggers make good authors?

Again, that’s not from a disrespectful view – more a curiosity. If you have a popular blog with a high readership and regular content, what happens when it comes to writing a book expanding on the very topics you’ve been sharing for a few years? Have active bloggers already written and shared so much that it appears there’s nothing new in-between the pages of a newly released book?

I’m curious about your take on this.

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