Why I’m Not Missing SxSW

mehDown in Austin, Texas, the South by South West (SxSW) festival has started in earnest.

A collection of music, film and interactive mediums, it’s an event that always sees a large social media presence.

And precisely why I’m glad I’m not there this year.

Scanning through some tweets about SxSW it’s clear to see that, while not everyone has fallen for the malaise, the same social media circle jerk love-in so visible last year has already set in.

Comments about there being no-one left to do social media if a tornado hit an event there (obviously the only folks that can make social media a business are all at SxSW); the name-dropping of who people are hanging out with at barbecues and dinners; the rehashed buzzword bingo that we’ve all heard before.

And this is only the first day.

Here’s the thing, folks. It’s not rocket science what you’re doing. It’s not earth-shattering revelations. In fact, it’s almost a little embarrassing how self-important it all comes across as. Not to mention a little demeaning to all the folks doing great social media work who would most definitely be able to continue if a tornado did indeed hit Austin…

Now, there are some great reasons for being at SxSW, and hearing back from some of the folks down there about the really cool stuff is where the real interest lies. At least for me. As for the social media love-in?

Well, I guess that’s what selective hearing is for.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Яick Harris

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