Social Media Bashing is Boring as Hell

Social media bashingThere’s a fair few blog posts doing the rounds about social media.

How its practitioners are snake-oil salesmen.

Why everyone’s just out to make a quick buck.

How businesses are being ripped off by consultants who charge an arm and a leg for their time and deliver very little back in return.

One of the better headlines I spotted was Why Social Media Gurus Should Be Trampled by Elephants (check out the edited URL as well for extra emphasis). To be fair, that post makes some good points, while draped in a humorous link-bait title.

But here’s the thing.

While there are definitely crap merchants out there who wouldn’t know a tweet from a poke, there are also many more incredibly smart and business-savvy individuals and agencies that are bringing their clients huge success in social media.

You know why?

Because their clients actually had the common sense to do due diligence on who they were employing as their social media arm. Because the consultants/agencies had results and actionable strategies (with return predictions) to show. Because, simply put, the business owner acted like a business owner.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. It doesn’t matter that “social media is new”, “social media is scary”, “we don’t understand social media”, or any other excuse or phrase you want to use.

If you do your job as a business owner and protect your investment, there wouldn’t be the need for any social media bashing (or any other industry bashing). You’d be asking questions that should be asked of any supplier.

  • What’s your experience?
  • Name some of the projects you’ve worked on.
  • What was the strategy used?
  • How did the results versus the projections go?
  • How will this really benefit my company?
  • What’s the time map?
  • How will you transfer your skills to my industry?

Forget how many Twitter followers someone has – that can be gamed and bought. Forget how sparkly their blog is – that can be paid for. Forget how they name drop players in the industry – is that relevant to you?

Instead, treat social media like you would any other part of your business. Carry out due diligence and don’t be sold on the first whiz-bang pitch you receive.

You’ve built your business to where it is now because you’ve been protective of your investment.

Why stop that now?

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