The 7 Day Blog Challenge

We love blogs and the 7 day blog challenge

Here’s a little experiment I’d love for you to join me in. Let’s call it the 7 Day Blog Challenge.

Instead of sharing the usual suspects when it comes to bloggers and their latest posts, let’s widen our arc. Instead of staying within our normal boundaries, let’s push the ejector seat button and clear the space next to us for some new voices.

Let’s face it, as blog readers we can all be guilty of sticking to what and who we know, as opposed to finding new blood. So let’s encourage each other to diversify a bit, and really help other bloggers get the recognition they deserve.

Interested? Here’s how the 7 Day Blog Challenge will work.

Blog Readers

Sure, it’s great to read the latest from Seth Godin, Darren Rowse or copyblogger, but while they might have a great post that you want to share, do they really need that one extra push? Could their blog survive one less social share, and have it go to one of their commenters instead?


  • Find a comment that interests you, and click through to their blog.
  • Take the time to read through the last 4-5 posts.
  • Comment on their post(s), and let them know you’ve found a new blog to enjoy.
  • Share the post with your network(s).
  • Subscribe to the new blog.
  • Rinse and repeat for another 6 new bloggers (so one a day).


We are who we are because of our readers. And many of these readers turn into commenters, some very regularly. And many of these commenters have blogs. So why not highlight them more?

  • Choose one of your commenters each day, and drop by their blog to read, comment and/or subscribe.
  • Share with your own readers – either highlight them in a post of yours, or via Twitter, your Facebook Page, or similar.
  • Add their blog to your blogroll (if you have one) or post a round-up at the end of the week of the great new bloggers you’ve found.
  • If you’re on Twitter, create a list (maybe Blogs I Read, for example), and tweet a link out to one of the blogger’s posts.
  • When replying to a comment of theirs, tell other commenters this is an example of the great mindset they’ll find over at that person’s blog.

Blogging takes time, commitment, and most of all love. If a blogger doesn’t love what they’re doing, that can soon come across and make the blog less enjoyable.

It can be hard for bloggers, especially newer ones, to keep going when they feel no-one is reading. Let’s take 7 days out of our normal blogging routine and share the love with more than just the usual suspects.

I’ll be sharing my 7 new blogs starting on Friday. Care to join me?

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