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There’s a lot of negativity around online influence tools at the minute. Things like Twitter Grader, Klout and similar are coming under fire, with common complaints being how is influence decided, what metrics are used, and does it even matter anyway.

Allyson Kapin came up with a great statement, about measuring impact as opposed to influence – show us real metrics of success from your actions as opposed to success with your interactions (big difference).

There’s no doubt influence can be beneficial – think of Ashton Kutcher getting his Twitter followers to buy a bunch of mosquito nets to fight malaria, for example.

Yet, as the second image from the left below (taken from the Klout homepage) shows, there’s still a ways to go on defining influence, and sums up perfectly why influence measurement tools are coming under fire.

Unless there’s a big market for vaginal influencers…

Does Klout influence matter

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