Why We Can’t Give Up

Make your choice

Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and give up.

Sometimes you look around and see nothing but smoke and mirrors and a bunch of crap that you know to be nothing but faux genuineness and bullshit.

In short, you question why you’re still doing what you do when the charlatans have hypnotized the audience and the click of the fingers to open their eyes again never comes.

You wonder if you should just call it a day, surrender to the fact that the cheerleaders and the jocks have won and the clever kids never made it out of the library.

(For the record, being Scottish we never had cheerleaders and jocks at our schools so I’m basing my thought here on John Hughes movies).

You wonder if you should step away and say you gave it your best shot, but your best shot will never be enough because the shepherds have long since branded their sheep and formed the herd mentality that silences your valid disagreements.

Sound familiar? Join the club.

For the last few months, I’ve watched as the same old soundbites get trundled out and been called new thinking. I’ve watched as brilliant voices ask brilliant questions and get ostracized because they dare challenge the In Crowd. I’ve watched a medium I love and advise on become the equivalent of a clown parade when the circus comes to town.

And I’ve watched this all and become disheartened – often – at how gullible we allow ourselves to be and accept this crap.

But it’s for all that and more that we can’t give up.

Because if we give up, the shitdiots win. If we give up, the lies and the falseness and the business-breaking advice wins. If we give up, then repetition wins and originality and creativity loses.

We have a responsibility to make sure the bullcrap artists don’t win. We complain about mediocrity and yet we support it every day by continuing to support the feckless and insincere.

No more.

Draw the line. Build the fort. Amass your cohorts. Look at the crap and cast it aside. Look at the lies and combat with truth. Look at poor business practices and advice and destroy its inadequacies with facts and actions.

We’re at a crossroads. The decision you make will either see you give up and let the same crud take the money and run, or it will see real become the norm.

The choice is yours. Make it the right one.

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