Help Me Choose a Name?

Beginning on Sunday January 30, I’ll be running an ongoing series on the blog that answers a new question each week from you, the readers. It might be on strategy; marketing; building loyalty; business; blogging; social media; and more.

Originally I was going to call it Sunday School, since it’ll be posted on a Sunday and it will have an educational slant (yeah, I know, not very original).

But then I was thinking some folks might think it’s a religious thing, and I wouldn’t want to confuse or upset anyone. So… any ideas?

Leave your suggestion(s) in the comments below. My favourite will be the name of the series, and will get a special little something mailed out to them.

Thanks, guys, and look forward to seeing your suggestions!

Update: Thanks to Phil McDonnell and his suggestion – the name for the new series will be Sunday Brunch – details here.

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