21 Non-Business Blogs You Could Read Today

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While you might come here to read about social media; or marketing; or strategy; or statistics;  it’s always nice to step back and read blogs from outside the business and social media circle.

So, over on my Facebook page last night, I asked for recommendations of blogs that weren’t business, to see what inspired others when they read. And boy, did the recommendations fly in! So, without further ado, here are 21 non-business blogs you could add to your reader today, with added reasons from the folks that recommended them.

  • The Mad to Live. Recommended by Mark Harai, for its “fun, smart and inspiring” posts.
  • Enjoying the Small Things. Recommended by Amy Fandrei, who said, “One of the more down-to-earth but inspiring bloggers out there.”
  • The Sales Lion. Recommended by Mark Harai, for being “inspiring and entertaining.”
  • Murrmurrs. Recommended by Samantha Collier, because it is “absolutely, positively the funniest blog I have ever read.”
  • The Skool of Life. Recommended by Mark Harai (the guy’s on a roll!), it’s full of posts that “throw down inspiring words.”
  • C Jane, Enjoy It. Another recommendation from Sue Anne Reed, for the simple fact of “enjoyability”.
  • Smitten Kitchen. Recommended by Patricia Grow because “the recipes are always great, her photography matches and she shares the cutest pictures of her baby.”
  • Life, For Instance. Recommended by Bryan Cromlish, this blog is full of “pretty inspirational posts.”
  • Post Secret. Recommended by Geoff Livingston, for “making my jaw drop every week.”
  • NYC Bloggers. Recommended by Elaine-Cosme Petersen for news on “entertainment, life, situations, shock treatment… whatever you’re in the mood for.”
  • Redhead Writing. Another recommendation by Ingrid Abboud, this blog is “funny as hell” (and also full of awesome cuss words)!
  • Xbox 360 Fanboy. Recommended by Brandon Forder, because he’s “a video game nerd and proud of it.”
  • Blog-Blond. Recommended by Chris Benedict Valencia, for its ability to “be funny and relieve stressful days.”
  • The Bold Soul. Recommended by Janis La Couvee for, amongst many reasons, having a “zest for life and inspiring me.”
  • Delco Forever. Also recommended by Eileen Marable, for offering “great thoughts by smart people.”
  • The Bloggess. Recommended by Jennifer Linnell Fong, because it “makes me snort out loud with laughter regularly” (and is another blog that uses cussing perfectly).

So there you have it. If you’re needing new blogs to read, or just want to mix up your business needs with some cool, funny and inspirational reading, there are some great starting points for you here.

My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to reply (and some couldn’t make it here, since there were no URL’s to grab) – it’s readers like you that help bloggers like the ones you recommended get a new audience. And that’s always a good thing.

How about you – what non-business blogs would you recommend, and why?

Leave your recommendations in the comments (with links), and let’s see some new names we may not have known about.

Note – because of the anti-spam filter that I use, comments with several links may not appear immediately. Don’t worry – I’ll approve them as soon as I can, so no need to post a duplicate, just in case you thought yours hadn’t gone through!

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