How to Be a Social Media Rock Star

Be a social media rockstarSo you want to be a social media rockstar?

You want to get your Klout score to that magical 100, and get free trips to Disneyland and have everything you say shared across Twitter and Facebook even when it’s nothing interesting?

Worry no more – help is at hand.

Below you’ll find all you need to know to become a bona-fide social media rock star, with insights from some folks over at my Facebook page who were kind enough to offer their advice.

Pimp Up That Bio!

No self-respecting social media rock star can have a normal, boring, everyday bio. Instead, you need to make sure that we mere mortals know how amazing you are.

So dump your Twitter bio description and insert words like “guru”, “ninja”, “jedi”, “rock star”, and my absolute favourite, “interactive jedi”. Get these in your bio today and watch your followers swoon.

Turn Your Blog Into a Book

Back in the day, to be a published author you needed to write an original manuscript. Whether it was a work of fiction or non-fiction, you needed to sit down for months and craft the story and progression of the plot points or ideas.

Thanks to social media, though, now you can just gather a bunch of non-related blog posts together, add in a foreword that makes them seem related, and have other social media rock stars write wonderful things about your blog book. Genius – thank you social media!

These are two tips that I can think of, but since I’m not a social media rock star I know there are many more. So I asked folks over at my Facebook page, and here are their answers.

  • Tamara McPherson: “Steal other people’s tweets or links without crediting the originator.” (This is great for making you look like a thought leader – DB).
  • Molly Cantrell-Kraig: “Collect conference badges and tweet lots of pictures of you wearing them.”
  • Justin Goldsborough: “Make sure you are holding a guitar – even a Wii Rock Band one – in your profile pic.”
  • Geoff Livingston: “Mention the word ‘I’ at least three times in every opening blog paragraph.”
  • Jay Dolan: “Spread the social media love and only say positive things.” (Something Jay does very well over at his blog – DB).
  • Sherry Kerr: “Talk about nothing but social media, talk about talking about social media, talk only to other social media rockstars, talk down to us non-rockstars.”
  • Eileen Marable: “Write everything with verses and a bridge.”
  • Michael Schechter: “Talk about yourself in third person.”
  • Clay Morgan: “Declare EVERY SINGLE NEW social media tool as the next big thing. Until next week, when something else will be released.”

So there you have it – the guaranteed way to becoming a social media rockstar. Now you can get all the free Klout perks you want, and be asked for quotes on the next round of social media books that you don’t need to read to recommend.

Of course, you could ignore all the advice above and just be a regular person getting on with your job and making your clients or employer successful. But why would you want to do that..?

How about you – any tips for us on becoming a social media rock star? Let’s be having them!

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