Precious Time

Many years ago, I had a big falling out with my parents, and we didn’t speak for three years. It was a stupid argument, but being the pig-headed Scots that we all are, none of us wanted to be the first to say we were wrong.

During that time, my grandmother had a serious stroke and died within a few months of having it. Because of the argument with my parents, I never got to say goodbye to one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.

To this day, I regret that immensely.

Time is so precious. We never know when we’re going to lose someone suddenly. We never know when we kiss our partners goodbye in the morning if we’ll see them in the evening.

Life moves fast; we’re not always in the lane that we should be to keep up.

While it’s wonderful to connect online and expand our connections, and maybe even make new friends along the way, sometimes we miss out on the most important moments in our immediate circle.

Time is precious. We need to remember to treat it as such.

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