The Parables of Business

Next week will see the release of my premium ebook, The Parables of Business.

Parables of Business

A collection of stories and (as the title suggests) parables and old tales, the ebook looks at business from the eyes of storytelling, and how old tales can help us forge new mindsets.

It’s a mix of original stories and some specially-updated blog posts, all of which have the same goal – share the familiar to help you with the new. This can be your business; your blog as a business tool; your customers’ experience; and more.

I’m really happy with The Parables of Business and, though I’m obviously biased, I think it’s a nice way to introduce a series of ebooks coming your way from this neck of the woods in the coming months.

Some will be premium and some will continue to be free .

The ebook will be priced at $15, though as a special offer subscribers to my newsletter will receive a discount of 20%, making it $12. If you wish to “pre-order” and receive this discount – as well as special offers on future ebooks and products – you can sign-up using the form below. A special discount code will be sent out with our newsletter when the ebook is released.

I hope you enjoy The Parables of Business – hopefully it has some useful business advice for you. But you may just enjoy the storytelling angle as well – stranger things have happened!

Thanks, guys, and if you do buy it – either for yourself or as a gift for someone – let me know what you thought of it. Cheers!

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