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Over at For Bloggers By Bloggers, I offered up a new list of free blog topics to help you with ideas for your blog. There are ten topics to choose from, and it’s something we offer up as a thank-you to the For Bloggers By Bloggers community.

One of the topics suggested is If This Was My Last Blog Post, and its premise is wondering what you would say, if you knew it would be the last post you ever write (if you were to die). A little morbid, maybe, but I’m curious about these kind of things.

So, putting my money where my mouth is, here’s what I would write.

We Waste Too Much Precious Time

We always think we’re too busy to do the things we should be doing. We hang out on social networks; we stay late at the office, doing that one last report; we leave our kids in front of the TV while we read the paper or catch up on emails; and more.

Ask yourself if you really need to be doing these things, or if they can wait. Ask yourself the last time you spent quality time with your loved ones; children; or even just you, away from all the noise and distractions. You might be surprised at how freeing and rewarding it can be.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

As children, we’re unafraid to take risks. We see the world as one big adventure, and if we hurt ourselves along the way we simply shed some tears, get a kiss from our parent(s) and move on to the next adventure. It allows us to grow, because we know not to make the same mistake that hurt us in the first place.

Unfortunately, as adults, it seems like we’ve forgotten the art of learning from our mistakes. We stay with abusive partners; we accept shit from our boss instead of looking for a job where we’re valued; and we never take action on that one big idea we have, because everyone will think it’s stupid.

The thing is, though, we became the adults we are because we learned from our mistakes as children. And we turned out all right (mostly). There’s something to be said for that, no? Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – you’re only hurting yourselves if you do.

Thanks For All The Fish

Bloggers are a strange breed. We basically share our personal thoughts in public, looking for feedback and endorsement (or disagreement). It’s almost like reverse narcissism.

Yet from that weird approach, magical things happen. Communities are built; friendships are grown; mindsets are changed. And sometimes, just sometimes, movements are created from the springboard that a single blog post can create.

I’m incredibly biased, but I see you as one of the best communities on the web. You’ve never been afraid to challenge, whether that be my thoughts or that of other guest writers or commenters. You’ve discussed topics with respect for each other, and helped me grow as a person. Say what you want about online relationships, but you’re all as real and valued as anyone I know offline.

Thank you for being with me while I was on this little blogging journey. It would have been boring as hell without you, and maybe we can continue our conversations on the other side. Underworld+, anyone?

Takeaways and Wishful Thinking

I hope I’ve kept you entertained on this journey. I know I’ll miss everyone I’ve formed bonds and connections with, and I’ll be a little sad for not having the chance to meet more people I would probably be inspired by.

But I can’t complain. I’ve met wonderful people; experienced wonderful events; saw history being changed; and wouldn’t change a single thing. We spend too much time wishing things were different; but sometimes we just need to see the great things we already have because things aren’t different.

If there are any takeaways that I hope I can depart with, it’s that maybe, just maybe, this blog helped you realize you don’t need to be anyone else; that it’s okay to question popular opinion; and that having belief in your convictions is never out of fashion. And maybe gave you the odd bit of business advice along the way…

Take care, guys, and thanks for the memories!


So, there you have it. My last blog post. I deliberately left out personal words to my family and loved ones, as that would be something just for them. This post – and the premise behind the topic – is for your swan song to your readers.

So – what would you say? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Or, if you’re feeling really inspired, write your own post and either share it in the comments, or link back to the For Bloggers By Bloggers post so others can read too.

Look forward to being inspired.

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