Danny Brown Called Me a Dilhole Or How to Find the Secret Sauce

Secret sauce

This is a guest post by Howie Goldfarb.

But he also invited me to guest post for which I am flattered and honored. Not sure which I feel more honored and flattered about. Obviously Danny doesn’t care if you like him because he invited me to write this post!

So, this is for you:

Do not follow, read, attend webinars, or conferences by ‘A-Listers’ if you want to learn how to market products, services, or brands. 

There – I said it. Hey A-Lister! I am telling people to ignore you! And I am correct in saying this. You have nothing unique to offer me, or my clients. Because you are an A-Lister, everyone knows your ‘insights’.

How am I going to set myself apart, or my client or brand or product if I am using tips from you? Where is the secret sauce? Everyone is reading you, following your tweets, etc, and thus using your advice for good (or actually often for bad). Your sauce certainly is not secret – it’s just sauce. It’s Ragu vs. what Momma used to make.

First it was about Fans and Followers. Everyone should have a Fan Page. A Community. A Blog. Yet none of these ‘secrets’ have led to Brands or Businesses separating themselves and making a ton of money.

Don’t get me wrong – I am okay with you, ‘ahem’, A-Lister making money for yourself. But you are not the marketing A Team. You are NOT who the CIA sends out to take down Bin Laden. If you want the real A Team, see who comes to this blog, or Spin Sucks, or The Sales Lion and participates.

Don’t you want insight that only a few people have?  The real secret sauce? The goal is to crush your competitor. Not to be like your competitor.

Do you really think A-Listers would share their secret sauce with you if it really worked? Don’t you think an A Lister would make a gazillion dollars if they could seriously show, say, Pepsi how to trounce Coke vs. telling everyone their ‘secret’?

Don’t people pay big bucks and compete like crazy to get into an Ivy League or similar B-Schools, so they can learn the secret sauce? Thousands and thousands of dollars to have that edge, yet you can buy a book by an A Lister for $25 instead and be just as good? Are you nuts?

Think about what will set you apart. Because you want (need) to set yourself, your brand, your product or your client apart.

Because that is what the secret sauce is about. And you’re not going to get that for $25.

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Howie GoldfarbAbout the author: Howie Goldfarb is president and CEO of Sky Pulse Media, an agency focused on helping clients achieve outsized results in measurable bottom-line-impacting ways. He had a 14-year career in direct B2B sales before deciding to lighten up his dreary work life and move into advertising. Follow Howie on Twitter at @skypulsemedia.

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