On Moving On and Jugnoo

So, if you ever read my bio (whether here on the blog’s sidebar, or on any of my social networks), you may have noticed that I recently updated my professional description.

Whereas before it was for Bonsai Interactive, as of last week it became Jugnoo, Inc. So, what was the change?

Simple – I’ve stepped down from my role at Bonsai to become Director of Retention and Social Media at Jugnoo, Inc.

While my time at Bonsai was fun, and we were lucky enough to work with some great clients, the direction began to change in the last few months and I felt it was time to move on.

Enter Jugnoo.

I’ve known the VP of Marketing at Jugnoo for a while – Hessie Jones – and we just got chatting about a few things. She told me about Jugnoo and my interest was piqued. Cue some more conversations, and I was delighted to join the team.

So what the heck is Jugnoo? Well, here’s the official blurb:

Making Your Business Social is Our Business!
As an internet media technology company, Jugnoo gives both consumers and businesses the tools and services they need to stand out on the social web. Up to now, it’s generally been larger corporations that have had the time, resources and knowledge to truly benefit from the social web. Jugnoo intends to level the playing field for the benefit of all.

In the bigger picture, Jugnoo is a technology and media company that has an umbrella of products for both consumers and businesses. The first product is JugnooMe, which is currently in beta phase for launch early 2012. Its primary goal is to make social media easier to add to the marketing mix for small-to-medium businesses.

There’ll be a lot more information coming from both this way and the Jugnoo team soon, and I’ll be reaching out to folks in our target audience with some more details shortly.

For now, my sincere best wishes to Troy and Bonsai on their success ahead, and my gratitude to the clients that I’ve gotten to know over the last two years – it’s been a blast, and I wish you well.

In the meantime, feel free to connect with Jugnoo on Facebook and Twitter, and look forward to sharing more details soon.


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