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Over at Jugnoo, our goal is to help educate business owners on the social web, and really help them both understand and improve their visibilty on it.

Part of our approach is to offer resources that will act as a go-to for news, best practices, tips and awareness for all the various parts that make up today’s business scene.

Recently, we launched the first salvo in this in the form of Social CRM Insider.

A blog dedicated to the increasingly important area of customer relationship management in the social media space, Social CRM Insider will show why this is such a key part of any company’s strategy, especially online. From the About Page:

Every week, we’ll share our insights, best practices, case studies and more on how to run an effective customer relationship program in the social media landscape, and build brand loyalty around your business in the process.

We’ll strip away the guesswork and provide you with real-world examples of who’s doing it right, and how you can adapt these methods to your own business. And we’ll do it in a way that you can understand – no industry jargon or buzzwords here.

Social media has always been about the relationship to the sale for business owners and their customers. Consumers have known this for a while; now it’s time for you to understand better too.

To help us with our goal, we’ve employed awesome social media and business blogger Joey Strawn as our blogger-in-residence and, while I’m biased, he’s already knocking the content out of the park, with a great amount of interest and feedback coming in.

As I mentioned at the start, we’re just beginning to ramp up our activities, and the Social CRM Insider is something we’re really looking forward to grow as we help businesses understand this space we play in.

I’d love for you to check the Social CRM Insider blog out when you have time, and if you have any kind of customer-centric needs for your own business, blog, store or more, you might just find it’s the ideal new blog to subscribe to.


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