The Only Pinterest Post You’ll Ever Need to Read – EVER!

Unless you’ve been living under a social rock in the last few weeks, you’ll have seen about a trazillion blog posts about Pinterest.

If you are one of these rock-dwellers, here’s the skinny on Pinterest – it’s a picture board (kinda like the cork boards you have in the kitchen) where you can “pin” your favourite images, and share with your Pinterest friends.

It’s actually been around for just under two years, but recently exploded in users. Cue the requisite blog posts, and now books on how to use this phenomenon for


While there’s no doubt Pinterest can be used for more than just friendly and social pinning, do we really need the huge glut of words being written (and yes, I see the irony of this very post here)?

Go to Amazon and type in “Pinterest” and you get 25 results in the books section.

Titles like “Pinterest for Dummies” (seems an oxymoron), “Pinterest Marketing Bible”“Learn Pinterest Secrets $$$”, etc…

Now, I haven’t read the books and I’m sure the authors have great stuff they want to share – but 25 books this year alone?

Maybe. We’ll have to wait until the books are released to be sure. So, just in case you can’t wait until then, here’s the Ultimate Pinterest Guide to get you started AND continuing to use Pinterest.

Maybe I’ll submit to Amazon… 😉

The only Pinterest guide you'll ever need

  • Full credit to my friend Liz Scherer for the three steps guideline used in the image for this post.

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