Why Businesses Should Take a Note from the Fisher Association of Marketing Professionals

Fisher College of Business

Over in Columbus, Ohio, the marketing and advertising students at Fisher College of Business are setting the example when it comes to how business should be run.

I’ve just come from speaking at the college for their flagship Future Camp event, and I was hugely impressed with the set-up; the staff; the students; and, more than anything, the tangible passion that every student has to make a difference in the world through doing business right.

It’s clear that the combination of Dean Christine Poon and Professor Shashi Matta, who’s the Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at Fisher, have played a large part in this. In both their closing comments, Christine and Shashi praised the students for making their jobs so easy, so it’s clear (and great) to see the respect is both ways.

Talking to some of the students, they’re not only smart and driven, but really believe that business when done right can make so much of a difference in peoples’ lives. And they’re right.

While we might often look at business as that beast that swallows our money, there’s no denying the impact it can have on lives. Building a kidney dialysis unit; handing over a $100,000 insurance check to people whose home has been damaged; building an excavator that can dig a well in a third world country; and more.

The Fisher folks also have a strong sense of what should be done to make the experience everything, for consumers and colleagues alike. Again, it’s something that permeates throughout the air there, and I was left suitably impressed and optimistic at the same time.

To see exactly how these guys really want to be leading the way when it comes to business and the relationships that exist within, take a look at their oath below. Then imagine if every business owner adhered to it…

Thanks, Fisher College – you were a pleasure to be with, and here’s to all of your successes.

The Oath

On my honor, I will do my best to always put the consumer first.

And to never accept the status quo.

I will innovate until my audience is fully immersed.

I will act with integrity to instill awe and wonder with brand-expanding glee.

And be a kind collaborator with agencies and cross-functional teams.

To make the world a better place through consumerism.

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