Can We Still Trust Google?

what does google want to be

It’s a question many are asking – can we still trust Google? (In fairness, it’s a question you could ask of any social company).

I’ve written about my falling out of “like” with Google on here a few times recently, and they still continue to piss me off. For example, I completely deleted my Google+ account but folks on there are still allowed to send me updates via email because Google thinks that’s okay.

Or, I tried to access my Google Analytics from my simple Account tab in Gmail, and Google wouldn’t let me progress any further until I “upgraded” to Google+. Yeah, right – piss off, Google, and take your spammy account growth ways with you.

However, I recognize that I’m biased, so I thought this infographic from was fairly interesting. It gives a nice cross-reference of Google’s history, missteps, and how the general public views online search, privacy and tracking.

For example:

  • I didn’t know that Google had been listed as “Hostile to Privacy” in 2007 by Privacy International, which is the lowest rating you can get.
  • 65% of web users don’t want their search personalized based on prior search history.
  • 73% of web users don’t want their results tracked.

It’s pretty telling stuff, and perhaps another reason why Google is getting so heavy-handed in its Google+ sign-up charge (they’re still quoting incorrect numbers due to the enforced Google+ sign-ups via using new Google products).

I don’t know – I never thought I’d see the day when I preferred Zuckerberg’s machine over anything else when it comes to privacy and operations. But Google’s making that easier every single day.

Ah well… onto the infographic (click to enlarge).

Mother, Can I Trust Google?

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