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JugnooMe social media dashboard

When we envisioned our social media dashboard JugnooMe, our key tenet was to make the social web simple, accessible and monetizable for everyone.

This means a solo entrepreneur; a full-on corporation; an agency looking after clients; a non-profit; realtors, franchisors and much, much more. But goals are one thing; making it happen are another.

One of the ways we’re making it happen, even during our beta stage, is by having a complementary suite of tools that dovetail into each other and offer a fully integrated solution because of it.

By doing this, it means you, the user, can create fully-fledged social media campaigns even while our products are still being fleshed out and added to.

To give you an idea of how you could use JugnooMe for your social media needs/campaign, here’s a simple overview of how you could use the tools to start, track and measure your campaign.

Step 1: Gather the Intelligence

Okay, so you’ve been told you need to get on social media because that’s where all your customers are. But are they? There are 7 billion people in the world. Let’s say half of them are kids – that leaves 3 billion.

Even the mighty Facebook has less than a billion users. So, by definition, at least 2/3 of your customers may very well not be on social media. Your job is to find out if they are, and that’s where our Social Search option comes in.

JugnooMe social search

This feature allows you to enter keywords around the topics your potential customers would be talking about around your brand or the services you offer.

You can then filter these into Positive, Neutral and Negative, which is perfect if you want to make a soft sell around your product (Positive sentiment and non-invasive tweet about the Twitter conversation and topic) or protect your brand (Negative and your instant reply with a solution or correction to erroneous statements).

What Social Search also allows you to do is see if people are talking about your industry at all, and where about, which will then allow you to target your next steps.

Step 2: Creating the Campaign

Let’s say Social search shows you that there’s a desperate need for an answer to a question that hundreds of people are asking, but no-one seems to be responding too.

It could be a product and its reliability, or an upcoming area in the real estate market and what that means to potential buyers.

While you could simply reply via Twitter to the hundreds of individuals, it’d be a lot more effective (and profitable) to run something like a premium webinar, and then smartly promote into the search terms and conversations from your original results.

Now, while we can’t help you with the webinar creation, we can help you get the word out and measure. For instance, once you have the webinar booked, you could use our SVM (social video marketing) tool to create a short promotional video with snippets of eye-catching copy, images and sound.

JugnooMe video tool

Once you’ve uploaded the video (either to Jugnoo Media or YouTube – more platforms will be supported soon), you can then start promoting your video and webinar across your chosen social networks, using our global J-Post option.

This currently allows you to post updates to Twitter, Facebook (profiles and Pages) and LinkedIn.

JugnooMe global post

You can use this feature with as many accounts as you wish – so, if you’re a franchisor, for example, and you distribute offers across 100 franchisees, you could essentially have several hundred messages being created in one click to cover multiple locales and demographics.

To add to the buzz around your webinar, you could also create a special offer using our Facebook Coupon app, where you can promote a time-sensitive offer to raise sales interest in your webinar.

JugnooMe Facebook coupon

Now you have a fully integrated promotion across social media – YouTube video, social network syndication and a Facebook coupon, allowing you to target your webinar audience on the platform they prefer.

But social media promotion is just one part – so you need to make sure you’re measuring your webinar’s sign-up rate and buzz, so you can make amends to your campaign if and where needed.

Step 3: Measuring the Campaign

To know if you’re being successful or not, you need to get on the Analytics train. These will help you gauge where your biggest visitors are coming from; what platform or message is being most successful; where you need to focus more on, and much more.

To do this effectively, set up a vanity URL for each platform you’re promoting your webinar on, and make sure you have the sign-up page for the webinar itself on your own website.

Then, use our Analytics solution to set up your campaign(s).

JugnooMe analytics

Your campaign can be made up of certain goals – X amount of traffic from the various networks you promote on, or how many people used the Facebook coupon discount code, etc.

By measuring the goals, you can see where you’re not getting as much traction as elsewhere, and decide whether or not you need to remain promoting there, use another platform, or just stop your promotion there full stop.

As well as the web analytics, you can use the Social Search option again to see how your campaign is being received on the various social networks.

JugnooMe social mentions

The benefit of adding your own webinar terms to the Social Search engine is you can reply to any questions as they are asked (even if not directed at you), gauge how positively or negatively your promotion is viewed (are you too hard-sell, and if so, what can you do to make the promotion more effective), etc.

You can also see who’s talking about you the most, and reward them with discounts or special codes for their own blog readers or followers. it’s a great way to build brand advocates around your webinar and brand, and that will last much longer than the webinar itself.

Additionally, when the webinar is running, you can add a Search stream to your Twitter dashboard, and use the feedback from it to tailor your approach during that webinar and for future ones.

JugnooMe Twitter feed

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

And there you have it – how to research, create, promote and measure a social media campaign pretty much all within the JugnooMe dashboard.

You can obviously take it as in-depth or as simple as you wish, using whatever features you feel would be best-suited to your own campaign(s).

Additionally, this type of integrated campaign can be created with the current beta toolset – we have a lot of cool new features coming in the next couple of releases between now and August, to really give you the complete package for your own social media campaigns and needs.

Interested in how we can help you? Hop on over and try JugnooMe out for yourself – it’s free while in beta, and we’d love to see how you use it and how we can help you meet your social media goals!

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