The TRUE Power of Influence and Emotional Impact

People talk about influence – what it is, how to get it, how influence is guided by numbers and how to attract the attention of influencers for promotional needs.

There’s no doubt that influence is a constant hot potato.

But sometimes, influence comes from the strangest of places. Sometimes influence comes from folks we might never look twice at. Sometimes influence comes from nothing but emotion.

Look at this video from Australian Juan Mann. One guy, who started a campaign offering free hugs to try and bring a touch of humanity back to the city of Sydney in his native Australia.

He wasn’t an A-list blogger commanding an audience of thousands. He wasn’t a celebrity with a million-plus Twitter followers. Instead, he was just a guy with an idea built on emotion.

Yet as you can see, not only did he influence folks in his city (as seen by the fast collection of petition signatures), he also influenced millions of people worldwide (almost 73 million and counting on YouTube).

There are also a ton of Free Hugs movements worldwide, both online and offline. All from a single guy’s belief in humanity and emotion.

Funny how influence works, huh?


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