How to Use @JugnooMe to Make Social Monitoring Fun and Help Find and Build Brand Advocates

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Over at Jugnoo, we’ve been tinkering away on a few updates to our solutions.

Between now and the end of September, there are even more cool updates being dropped in, and these will turn our dashboard into the fully-fledged offering that’s going to answer a lot of questions around social media, especially that all-important ROI question.

In the meantime, however, there are some pretty funky features and complementary tools that you can use right now. Case in point – social monitoring.

We all know how important social monitoring (or listening) is when it comes to your business or clients. Brand reputation, lead generation, customer service and more can all be optimized through a smart monitoring strategy.

The problem is, sometimes this can be very mundane and uninspiring. So, to counter that and make social monitoring a little more fun (while still helping get effective and actionable results), here are a few ways Jugnoo can help make things more fun.

Start Your Engines, Please

The first place to start is via our social search option. When you set up keywords in our platform, the most popular results are shown alongside your social analytics (for this example I’m just using Twitter – we also support Facebook and YouTube, with more platforms to come in the next release).

When you’re logged in the Jugnoo dashboard, click onto your social analytics icon and select your Twitter account. As long as you’ve set up a social search, you’ll see the keywords underneath your Most Popular Tweets (click to expand).

Twitter social analytics on Jugnoo

Click on the keyword, and you’ll be taking to the first fun part of the monitoring – our Tweet Visualyzer™ (again, this will be expanded to feature more platforms in future iterations).

Once you’ve opened up the Visualyzer, the fun can begin.

The Simple (and Fun!) Way to Measure Buzz

One of the reasons we built our Tweet Visualyzer™ was to make sense of the conversations on Twitter that can get noisy and confusing fast.

By separating the tweets into a simple and very visual solution, you can see what conversations are more popular, who’s having them and how they’re connected.

So, when you click your chosen keyword from the social analytics screen on the Jugnoo dashboard, you’ll see the same one on our Visualyzer. You can change views by using the top navigation, to switch from words to bubbles to usernames and more.

Now, let’s say you want to see who your biggest advocates are, so you can surprise and reward them with unique offers, or invite them to be official partners with your brand.

By clicking on the Who icon (the little head and shoulders guy), you can immediately see who’s talking about you the most:

Buzz who

In our example, you can see @FeastInc, @AtlasSymposium and @JeremyDeMello are three people who are talking about Jugnoo a lot. Hovering over their usernames, you can then see what exactly they’re saying about your brand.

This allows you to identify a potential approach to partnership, or see what kind of stuff they like. This can help you find what would be a cool surprise and delight package to send them.

By knowing what they like and other preferences, it enables you to be smarter about your approach when reaching out to them.

Once you have that information, then you can really add to the fun yet effective monitoring options, and continue to build the fledgling relationship.

Hub, Hub and Away!

This is where the third part of the puzzle comes into play – the Jugnoo Social Hub™.

Kinda like a Pinterest board on steroids, our Social Hub™ allows you to grab RSS feeds from various social networks and create a living, breathing hub where the most recent news around your choices can be displayed.

buzz RSS

Now, let’s say you want to connect more with the people talking about you from the Visualyzer results. You could set up a hub with feeds from their blogs, or Twitter account, or YouTube channel, etc, and use that to keep up-to-date with their latest updates or posts.

You can then reshare from the hub, send it as an email recommendation, tweet directly to the person, and more.

Let’s say @FeastInc, for example, tweeted that it was their pet’s birthday and you were a pet retailer. You could reply to them and wish them a Happy Pet Birthday, and then use the email function to send to your sales team and ask them to get in touch with @FeastInc to send them a goodie bag for their pet.

Or, you could see the URL for their most recent blog post, drop on over to leave a comment and mention the pet’s birthday in that comment too.

You’re building rapport; you’re showing you want to get to know them; and you’re rewarding for their support of you too.Who doesn’t like that?

These are just basic ideas using some cool tools that don’t even fall within the traditional social monitoring mix. When you partner them with the actual full social monitoring solution in the Jugnoo dashboard (released in the next 2-3 weeks) – well, the options become even more powerful.

And you still keep the fun factor of visuals, images and emotion, while making the connections that really count.

Works for me – you?

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