6 Small But Sweet Updates to Jugnoo and Other Stuff

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Over the last few months, lots of folks have asked why they’d want to use Jugnoo versus their current platform of choice (say, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Trackur, etc).

It’s a fair question – all are good platforms with their own strengths. The easy answer (at first) is to make clear that Jugnoo is more than just a social dashboard or search platform – it’s a full-on business solution.

The next thing to show is that everything at Jugnoo has been built from the ground up to work in tandem with each other. Our social dashboard doesn’t just allow you to keep up with your networks, but also shows sentiment and intent that’s normally reserved for social monitoring.

Our social monitoring solution doesn’t just keep you on top of what’s being said about your brand or competitors, it also ties into our visual data solution that creates context out of disparate conversations online.

Jugnoo buzz visualyzer

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Our visual data solution not only shows you in clear, buzz-driven analysis what’s being said and by whom, but it also connects that information to our patent-pending lead generation platform, where we can help you identify where an opportunity is as well as track all the actions that happened around that lead after your connected with them.

Which brings us back to the social dashboard, where you can continue that connection, as well as create specific promotions for that audience using our Social Hub (for example, if you wanted to help promote your charity goals, like the SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer campaign).

When you compare all we offer against all others offer, it starts to paint a picture of why you might want to check Jugnoo out, especially when it comes to the current pricing model while still in beta we’re due to come out of beta mode before the end of the year).

So, sure, we have all the “big stuff” taken care of – but that’s how it should be. It’s the little things that make the difference to the user experience, and we’re taking care of that too. Here are just six ways we’re doing that today.

1. Facebook Comments as a Stream

Jugnoo Facebook Comments stream

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One of the great things about our users is they’re always helping us improve the platform. A suggestion we had after our last update was to enable the option of saving Facebook comments as a separate stream in the dashboard. This would allow users to have select conversations open and keep up-to-date with these, as opposed to trying to jump back into updates later. We thought that was a great idea, so we’ve implemented that feature.

2. Rich Media Embed

Jugnoo video embed

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No-one wants to have to jump through hoops to view something online. You wouldn’t go to a blog, see a small part of a feature image or video and have to click to another site to see it in full. Social dashboards should be the same and, yes, we were a little behind the game here while we focused on our bigger visual data solutions. But consider that corrected now, with the ability to view images and watch videos in-stream.

3. Twitter Followers Stream

Jugnoo twitter followers

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Another request from our users was to enable the option of a stream dedicated to your Twitter followers. This allows you to see your new follows (making it easier to thank them), as well as the profiles and tweet history of that person, to see if they’re a fit for you. A simple change but one that can help you connect just that little bit better.

4. Full Twitter Profile Information

Jugnoo twitter profile

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When we updated the last time around, we introduced the social profile box across accounts. This let you see at a glance the key information on the user you’d just connected with. However, again, Twitter was left wanting a little as we concentrated on Facebook and how its open graph gave us more information to play with. Now, though, you get the same full experience on Twitter – timeline, mentions to that person and their favourite tweets. It’s not a huge update, but it is one we should have launched earlier. Lessons learned!

5. Predictive Twitter Usernames

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Unless you’re already in a conversation with someone on Twitter, or you know their username outright (not always an easy thing), it can be a pain to locate someone to start a conversation. This is where the predictive username feature comes into play – simply start typing the first letters of the person you want to chat with and Jugnoo will offer you options to select from. Choose the user and send your message.

6. Link Previews

Jugnoo link preview

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One of the downsides of social media can be the amount of phishing that goes on, especially on Twitter – sending someone a link to you (usually by DM) that allows the sender to hack your account and take over your profile (if you click the link). Additionally, you don’t know if a link to a blog post is something you’d be interested in reading before you click through, wasting time if it does turn out to be a wet noodle of a post. The new link preview option lets you see what you’re clicking through to and help you prevent both phishing attempts and crappy content views. Bonus!

And There’s More…

These are just six little updates that make the bigger Jugnoo user experience in general a lot smoother and cleaner, but they’re just a very small part of what’s coming in the next few weeks.

As I mention in the post, integration and collaborative solutions are a key part of what we’re trying to achieve here. We already have social teams to allow multiple users on the same account, and this will be enhanced with workflow, so you can allocate the right task to the right person and keep track of progress.

One of the things we’re really excited about, and one that ties everything together, is how we’re going to be integrating the dashboard stuff with the more visual solutions we provide. While I can’t go into too much detail at the minute, get ready for social dashboards to really be taken to the next level, both visually and operationally…

We have some fun times ahead – maybe it’s time to check us out and see for yourself how we can help you with your goals on social media.

Note: the features above are scheduled to be released to users a week today, on November 14.

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