5 Blogs to Subscribe To in 2013

As we come to the year end, I traditionally wind down by highlighting people and news to keep an eye on in the year to come.

This year is no different, (yeah, I’m predictable that way). Previously, I shared 5 bloggers for you to watch in 2013 – today, and in no particular order, here are 5 blogs you really should subscribe to in 2013.

1. The Future Buzz

I’ve been a fan of The Future Buzz for a long time. The analysis of social media and where it belongs in the marketing mix has always been great brain fodder. With Adam’s recent appointment to Google, the blog is taking a much deeper look at data and analytics and where that fits in the real-time web. Required reading for all marketers and business folks in general.

Subscribe to The Future Buzz here.

The Future Buzz

2. The Realtime Report

Social media and the digital space move pretty fast, and it can be hard to keep up without a good resource. Thankfully, The Realtime Report offers that resource. Covering social media, mobile and the real time web, The Realtime Report shares the latest trends, statistics, buzz and more on today’s movers and shakers. Well worth your time if you have any interest in social media.

Subscribe to The Realtime Report here.

The Realtime Report

3. SEOmoz

Sure, social media is redefining search as we know it – Google and their use of Google+ as the hub that binds social and search together is proof of that. However, SEO still plays a key role in being found online, and the guys at SEOmoz are just the people to help guide you in mixing social search and SEO perfectly. Their Whiteboard Friday sections are essential reading, as is the rest of their blog.

Subscribe to SEOmoz here.


4. tickrblog

Sometimes you want a really easy read, one that you can skim and be done with in a minute or so. Other times, you want solid data, facts, in-depth information and more – the tickrblog provides that. Dissecting industry expert analysis and taking social media to where it really needs to be for businesses – lead generation and sales success – the tickrblog isn’t easy reading, but it is damn fine reading.

Subscribe to the tickrblog here.


5. AGBeat

The problem with many business blogs that purport to be for businesses of all sizes is that very often they’re not. Instead, they simply cater to organizations and enterprises that can afford the solutions on display. Thankfully, AGBeat isn’t one of these blogs. Offering tips, advice and reviews for all business, but in particular the small-to-medium business owner space, it’s a great read covering a multitude of news and industries.

Subscribe to AGBeat here.


So there you have it – 5 blogs that keep me thinking, and ones that’ll do the same for you. Next up I’ll be looking at 5 influence platforms for you to watch in 2013, so I hope you can join me then.

In the meantime, what blogs do you think we should be reading in 2013? The comments are yours.

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